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When their active duty days are over, veterans find a new mission at ADS, and a powerful new way to serve their country. Our veterans bring focus, insight and dedication to our projects, always ready to do whatever it takes to accomplish any mission, anywhere.


Melissa Matis, Brady Osborne and Quawnishia Morgan


Growing up in Arkansas, Mel moved often. At times she lived in places with no running water or electricity, and she remembers doing her homework by the light of a kerosene lamp and visiting the nearby fire station to fill water buckets as her only water source. With a goal of moving away from Arkansas and seeing more of the world, Mel ultimately decided to enlist in the United States Marine Corps at 17, just nine days after 9-11.

Brady Osborne
Brady Osborne

Brady Osborne, a Regional Account Manager on the Federal Team, spent 11 years in military service prior to joining ADS. Entering the U.S. Coast Guard as a mechanic, he went on to become a Law Enforcement Officer, then a Medic and Operator. From conducting security at high-profile events to deploying overseas in support of the Counter Piracy/Counter Terrorism mission, most of his time in service was spent on the Maritime Security Response Team (MSRT).


After enlisting in the military at age 17, Quawnishia found her passion as an Aviation Shopkeeper procuring, managing, and issuing squadron supplies and budgets. Six years later, she met and married her active-duty husband. The happy couple started a family of their own as she transitioned from military to civilian life. The decision to join ADS was an easy one, as it allowed her to continue working with the military and supplying the personnel with whom she used to stand side by side.

Quawnishia Morgan