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EIN Federal Tax ID: 54-1867268

DUNS ID:027079776


EIN 54-1867268

DUNS 027079776

Are logistics keeping you up at night? Save time and money utilizing proven solutions provided by ADS Cooperative Purchasing contracts

  • Overcome budget uncertainties with exact match, pre-approved fair and reasonable quotes
  • Avoid cumbersome bureaucratic processes and “recreating the wheel” by piggy-backing off existing contracts
  • Reduce pre-bid research, planning, and uncertainty
  • Don’t see what you need? ADS has the ability to add certain products to existing contract vehicles to help you achieve your mission

ADS is an awarded vendor on both the SourcewellBody Armor Contract #011221, as well as the Office of General Services (OGS) Hazardous Incident Response Equipment (HIRE contract).

Our Business Development team in the State, Local, and Education (SLED) market is continuously expanding contract capabilities, efficiencies, and offerings to meet the needs of your mission. These contracts minimize the logistical unknowns in securing the equipment you need, and ADS is there every step of the way, from testing to final delivery confirmation.

Benefits of Cooperative Purchasing Contracts:

Exact match, part number specific product selection

Flexibility to add new technologies and products to match specific needs

Streamlined and repeatable acquisition process

Dedicated cradle to grave customer support

Sourcewell Body Armor & Accessories Contract

# 011221-ADS

5 year IDIQ (expires Feb 19, 2026)

Managing Office: Sourcewell

Sourcewell Awarded Contract
Contract Scope:

Sourcewell is a government agency and service cooperative that officers procurement solutions to federal, state/province, and municipal government entities, higher education, k-12 education, nonprofit, tribal government, and other public entities in the US and Canada. Contract Award # 011221-ADS covers all requirements concerning body armor, concealable vests, stand alone hard & soft plates, tactical nylon, bomb suits, K0 equipment, helmets, riot shields, and so on. ADS has the capability to add new vendors and technologies to this contract to best serve the communities who need body armor and relevant accessories.

OGS New York HIRE (Hazardous Incident Response Equipment)

# 23173

5 year IDIQ

Managing Office: New York OGS

NY Hire
Contract Scope:

The Office of General Services (OGS) is a New York state based HIRE Award 23173 is a multiple award contract and an IDIQ.The purpose of these Contracts is to provide Authorized Users with a means of acquiring various types of Hazardous Incident Response Equipment (HIRE) consistent with the Department of Homeland Security Authorized Equipment List (DHS AEL). ADS is currently a contract holder for several categories under the AEL, including personal protective equipment, explosive device mitigation, CBRNE & DECON equipment, medical supplies, power equipment, watercraft & accessories, as well as aviation night vision. Though made for SLED entities in the state of New York, the Extension of Use clause within the contract allows any state’s entities utilize this procurement method.


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