ADS | Veteran, Graduate, Hero: Quawnishia Morgan
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Veteran, Graduate, Hero: Quawnishia Morgan

ADS employee receives prestigious award

Not all heroes wear capes--just ask Quawnishia Morgan. Today this distinguished veteran is a college graduate, mother, wife, and rockstar Director of Logistics for Atlantic Diving Supply, Inc.

She has been awarded the 2020 Dorothy Flatley Award for Commander, Naval Air Force Atlantic, by the Association of Naval Aviation. Most recently she was featured in Supply Chain Brain, a popular supply chain and logistics publication discussing the industry’s latest news, emerging trends, and technologies.

The path to her current success was long and winding, paved with hard work and determination.

After enlisting in the military at age 17, Quawnishia found her passion as an Aviation Shopkeeper procuring, managing, and issuing squadron supplies and budgets. Six years later, she met and married her active-duty husband. The happy couple started a family of their own as she transitioned from military to civilian life.

Although she had decided to end her enlistment, Quawnishia had no intention of ending her career in logistics.The decision to join ADS was an easy one, as it allowed her to continue working with the military and supplying the personnel with whom she used to stand side by side.

Quawnishia Morgan Posing in Front of Aeroplane
Quawnishia Morgan Posing With Team in Background
Distinguished Veteran Quawnishia Morgan With a Friend

Quawnishia’s time in the U.S. Navy provided a solid logistics and supply chain foundation upon which to build. In both roles her priority has always been to procure quality gear promptly, and with excellent customer service. At ADS she has found the same opportunity to serve her country, by serving those still enlisted.

“Without my military career as an Aviation Storekeeper, I would not have the foundation of logistics in the military sector,” said Quawnishia. “My current position as a Warehouse Manager at ADS goes hand in hand with my previous role in the military. This background has ultimately provided a platform for me to advance my skills in relation to the defense supply system through some of the government contracts ADS has been awarded.”

Congratulations on all your success Quawnishia, and thank you for your service. We are all lucky to have heroes like you serving our country every day.

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