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What's Included in the Otis Firearm Cleaning Kit?

When it comes to operating firearms in the military, soldiers may take for granted the regular maintenance it requires. Even if you’re a private and getting used to firearm training for the first time, someone in your company or battalion has likely been using and cleaning them for years.

Maintaining your gun isn’t as simple as it appears in films and TV shows. But what good is your firearm if you can’t clean it properly?

That’s why Otis Defense firearm accessories exist. When you and your squad are facing the throes of battle, you can’t afford to have inoperable guns. This blog post walks you through the reasons for using a firearm cleaning kit and what you can expect from Otis’ rifle and pistol firearm cleaning supplies.

Why Is a Firearm Cleaning Kit Necessary?

A firearm cleaning kit is designed to keep your firearm clean and in top working order. This will extend the lifespan of the gun significantly, while also improving firing accuracy and reliability.

Soldiers that don’t clean their guns regularly are liable to experience carbon fouling or squib loads and misfires.

There are five main parts of most guns that need cleaning:

  1. The barrel (including but not limited to the breech and muzzle)

  2. The trigger

  3. The action (including but not limited to the hammer, firing pin, and thumbpiece)

  4. The inside of the magazine

  5. The outside of the gun

The barrel is where all the action happens, with the cartridge being forced down through the barrel before exiting the muzzle. Every soldier’s barrel will take a beating over time because of gunpowder and frequent use, so it’s important to keep it clean at all times.

Why Are Otis Firearm Accessories a Great Choice?

When it comes to firearm cleaning kits, it’s important to use one that contains all the tools you need for a thorough cleaning. However, it’s also important to get one with minimal bulk and weight so your recce kit isn’t too heavy.

They design Otis products like the Deluxe LE Cleaning System for simple, fast, and systematic use. This makes them ideal for both new and experienced soldiers, as the time involved to clean a firearm is usually less than 30 minutes.

Otis firearm cleaning supplies are compact enough to fit inside a standard gun case and come with a printed cleaning guide to help you get started. The kit also comes with essential tools soldiers need in the field, including bronze bore brushes, Memory-Flex® cables, obstruction removal tools, and precision cleaning tools. The next section explains these gun-cleaning tools in greater detail.

1. Bronze Bore Brushes

Bronze bore brushes are designed to be “one-pass clean” tools that remove the largest debris first. Soldiers attach the brush at the cleaning end of a Memory-Flex® cable, feed the pulling end of the cable through the barrel, and pull the entire cable and brush through the barrel and out of the muzzle.

The bristles on your Otis bronze bore brushes will naturally wear down over time, but you can simply replace them with a new set of brushes. It’s optimal to clean your barrel after every time you shoot, and Otis cleaning brushes are the first step to excellent firearm operability.

2. Memory-Flex® Cables

Otis’s Memory-Flex® cables are what make breech-to-muzzle cleaning possible. They design these cables specifically to fit into the action of a gun without causing further issues or getting stuck in the barrel.

Soldiers attach both bronze brushes and precision cleaning tools to Memory-Flex® cables. These cables can last years, perhaps indefinitely, provided the cleaning kit is being used properly.

3. Obstruction Removal Tools

The obstruction removal tools in Otis’s firearm cleaning kits are designed to break up large or small debris that’s built up inside your action. The action comprises each individual part of the gun where the hammer is released or the trigger is pulled.

4. Precision Cleaning Tools

Otis’s precision cleaning tools like hand brushes and gun oil allow you to carefully clean each other part of the inside and outside of your gun. Getting into the nooks and crannies of your firearm extends the lifespan of your gun and ensures it operates perfectly when you need it most.

Using Otis’ tools for regular maintenance also leads to a dust- and grime-free gun. Make sure you use Otis cleaning kits that match the type and size of gun(s) you and your units regularly operate.

The Bottom Line

Operating a firearm for any purpose is always serious and is a responsibility that requires ongoing education and practice. If you don’t clean your gun regularly, it will only be a matter of time before it breaks down. Worse still, if you don’t clean your gun correctly, you could cause irreparable damage to the firearm or yourself.

That’s why Otis’s firearm cleaning kits allow you to keep your gun clean and in near-perfect condition, ensuring that it gets the job done for years to come.

Request a quote for Otis products now or contact us if you have any other questions.

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