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6 Types of Must-Have Equipment for Your Recce Kit

‍When people think of military reconnaissance, they might think of military units such as the U.S. Army’s Rangers and Green Berets, along with other special forces teams.

However, modern military reconnaissance is much broader than these units. It can involve everything from tracking the position and movements of enemy forces to locating natural resources and identifying potential sites for new bases–all from a distance and without being detected.

That’s where TYR Tactical’s equipment comes into play. This military gear brand has six types of must-have equipment for your recce kit.

1. Plate Carrier

Plate carriers are one of the most important pieces of equipment in a military recce kit. They provide necessary protection for soldiers’ hearts, lungs, and abdomens. TYR Tactical’s carriers are made from durable nylon and feature adjustable straps that address any potential weak spots and ensure a snug fit.

TYR Tactical’s basic plate carrier is tough yet lightweight and designed to be worn over body armor, providing both protection and support. If you need something heavier duty, TYR’s PICO-DSX carrier offers increased abrasion resistance.

Plate carriers also usually have several removable pouches designed to hold magazines and other essentials, like TYR’s PICO-MV carrier. The pouches can be quickly removed to allow soldiers to don a tactical vest that can be used to carry larger equipment such as radios.

2. Sniper Harness Kit

Military reconnaissance teams regularly include snipers, who often operate in small teams on missions that require extreme stealth and discretion. During such operations, snipers are often required to carry large amounts of equipment, such as tripods, laser sights, and night vision equipment.

To make this easier, recon team leaders CAN turn to TYR’s Sniper Harness Kit, which allows snipers to distribute their equipment across several pouches on their abdomens. This means they can move more freely and easily without slowing themselves down with large, heavy backpacks.

3. Load Carriage System

Recon teams often need to haul heavy equipment, such as radios, medical kits, or supplies of food and water. In such situations, your battalion needs TYR’s Direct Action Special Forces Load Carriage System. This system can be easily adjusted to distribute weight evenly from the top of the wearer’s back to the bottom.

This is especially important if your team is operating in an environment where you need to move quietly, such as through dense jungle. Carrying heavy packs that bang against trees and branches will give away your position and endanger your mission.

A load carriage system is designed to offer a simpler way to carry lots of gear in a recce kit, which also reduces the risk of injury and makes it easier to move through difficult terrain. TYR Tactical’s load carriage system consists of a belt and harness that is fitted with several pouches and a lower back panel that can be filled with equipment.

4. Ballistic Helmet Covers

Military reconnaissance teams often operate in dangerous environments where they must protect themselves from the elements and potential threats. This means donning a helmet cover, which can be augmented with night vision accessories.

Look no further than TYR’s OCHC-V1 ballistic helmet cover. While most military helmets and covers are designed to protect against bullets and shrapnel, when operating behind enemy lines, your battalion needs a cover that offers superior ballistic protection.

TYR’s ballistic helmet covers are made with tough outer material that protects soldiers against severe rifle fire and falling debris. They also strike the elusive balance between protection and weight, making them useful in numerous circumstances.

5. Handgun Magazine Pouch

In addition to carrying ammunition for rifles, military reconnaissance teams usually include handgun marksmanship experts. In such situations, it’s important for soldiers to have an easy way to carry extra magazines in their recce kit.

That’s where TYR’s Patented Combat Adjustable Happy Pistol Mag Pouches come in. TYR Tactical’s magazine pouches are designed to securely hold a pistol’s magazine, make it easy to quickly remove, and replace the mag as necessary.

Such versatility is important during most kinds of missions, when you may need to quickly switch between pistol and rifle fire. TYR’s magazine pouches can be worn on the thigh, belt, or abdomen, depending on your recce kit and molle gear setup.

6. Rapid Response Ballistic Shield

While snipers, forward observers, and other members of the recon team are often positioned at a distance from the main group, they may need to respond quickly to defend the team against imminent threats. For example, a recon team operating in a hostile environment may come under attack from an enemy sniper or improvised explosive device (IED). In these situations, your battalion needs to respond quickly with a counter-attack.

TYR’s 18x32 Rapid Response Ballistic Shield can protect members of the team from enemy fire. Since it has a viewport, it can also be used to enter hot conflict more effectively than merely with ballistic helmets and plate carriers. When not using the shield, it can be kept in its carrying bag.

Extreme Equipment for Extreme Situations

TYR Tactical’s modern recce kit equipment is designed to help you operate powerfully and effectively with maximum protection against enemy threats. When choosing your equipment, consider the environment in which you’ll be working and how you may need to adapt to different situations during the mission.

Not only will this help you to better prepare for your mission, it will also allow you to make the most of your equipment and reduce the risk of becoming bogged down by heavy and cumbersome gear. Request a quote customized for your battalion now or contact us with any other questions.

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