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How Bren-Tronics, an ADS Featured Supplier, Keeps the Military’s Lights On

Earlier this year, the ADS team hosted the Warrior East 2022 Defense Expo. Considered one of the top events for military suppliers, we had the opportunity to network with new brands and connect with current providers.

One of those ADS suppliers was Bren-Tronics. Bren-Tronics provides power for the military with batteries that are lighter and more powerful than ever before. Now operators can get recharged in minutes rather than hours. Bren-Tronics provides individual and squad-level power systems and solutions, including AC inverters, USB power stations, as well as trailer-mounted power systems with energy storage to take generators offline or help protect the front line. Bren-Tronics provides power for the Warfighter with military batteries that are lighter and more powerful than what they had been using yesterday. These chargers allow Operators to get recharged in minutes, rather than hours. Bren-Tronics provides individual and squad level power systems and solutions including AC inverters, USB power stations, as well as trailer-mounted power systems with energy storage to take generators offline, or help protect the front line.

The power of the ADS network

Christian Chandler, Sales Manager on the Bren-Tronics team, has been to 11 Warrior East events during his time with the company. At the most recent event, he noted how powerful it is to come to an event where every supplier is dedicated to developing solutions that protect our men and women in uniform.

He even got the chance to connect with fellow ADS supplier Cocoon to see if there could be potential business synergy between Bren-Tronics batteries and Cocoon anti-corrosion equipment.

In fact, thanks to the connection made through ADS, Bren-Tronics and Cocoon now collaborate to power dehumidifiers inside Cocoon’s remote field structures, creating corrosion-free environments even in the most secure, challenging, and austere environments.

“ADS does a very good job of bringing organizations together,” Chandler said as he greeted a steady stream of visitors at his booth. “‘Hey, you guys do this? You guys do that? Why don’t you talk?’ And sometimes, the outcome of that is what you see with Bren-Tronics and Cocoon.”

Beyond the connections formed at events like Warrior East, Chandler mentioned how crucial ADS’s resources are for the Bren-Tronics brand. Bren-Tronics doesn’t have an in-house marketing team so the marketing resources available through ADS make a huge impact on Bren-Tronics’ awareness and sales. Whether it’s LinkedIn campaigns or pre-event marketing, Bren-Tronics, a Platinum Supplier, makes sure to take advantage of the valuable reach and resources ADS offers.

Bren-Tronics: Keeping the military’s lights on

Founded by a proud Vietnam veteran, Bren-Tronics set out to produce high-quality batteries that delivered reliable power to both military and industrial operations where failure was not an option. When Operation Desert Storm revealed the limitations of primary batteries, Bren-Tronics helped lead the charge in secondary (or rechargeable) batteries that could meet the power needs of troops on the ground while reducing their logistics load.

From those early rechargeable batteries to today’s lithium-ion systems, Bren-Tronics continues to engineer solutions that deliver the staying power of primary cell batteries with the extreme reusability that the modern military demands. The brand provides products ranging from the BT-70791-BB-2590 U Battery—the most widely used military battery in the world—to powerful chargers, adapters, and accessories.

In military situations, losing power simply isn’t an option. Bren-Tronics is committed to providing reliability and has done so for our men and women in uniform since 1973.

Want to learn more about Bren-Tronics batteries or how ADS can help you find the perfect power solutions? Contact us today.

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