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Naval Special Warfare Center, CRANE Division (NSWC Crane)

U.S. Special Operations Command (USSOCOM)


Naval Surface Warfare Center (NSWC) CRANE Division was fielding M4 Upper Receiver Groups (URGs) outfitted with 10.3” Barrels to U.S. Special Operations Command (USSOCOM) Special Forces Operators. Unfortunately, there was no source available for 10.3” barrels through the existing supply system. To support sustainment, NSWC Crane improvised by procuring 14.5” barrels and cutting them down to specification through a lengthy and expensive process that, in many cases, left operators without their M4 for months at a time.

When NSWC Crane had an immediate need for 1,407 10.3″ barrel replacements, there was an opportunity to provide a more efficient and cost-effective solution to address their requirement. Our weapons subject matter experts consulted with Daniel Defense, our partner manufacturer, to identify all of the items required to complete a 10.3” barrel change on an M4 URG. Our kitting experts and Daniel Defense developed a low-cost complete kitted solution for the barrel replacement procedure—the 10.3” Bolt and Barrel Kit (10.3” BBK).

The 10.3” BBK Includes:

Our logistics experts assembled all the components into 1,407 individual Bolt and Barrel Kits at our warehousing facility.

Each kit was packaged securely inside a reinforced cardboard tube to ensure the components were protected during transport and storage. Additionally, the kits were delivered with a full bill of materials for simplified receiving and inventory control.

We reduced sustainment costs for NSWC CRANE by roughly $95,000 through the creation and procurement of 1,407 BBKs through our GSA Schedule vs. obtaining the same components individually through the NSN system.

Additionally, we provided intangible cost savings by decreasing the down time of their Operators waiting for maintenance to be completed. We also increased the efficiency of NSWC CRANE’s logistics and maintenance personnel involved in the repairs by streamlining and simplifying the process through a kitted solution.

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