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Without an efficient and affordable means to preserve operational equipment during a sustainment period, unpredictable shelf life will continue to impact readiness.

In order for operational equipment to be stored for long periods of time yet be rapidly deployable and then effectively operate when called upon, equipment must withstand common storage challenges. Included among these are harsh environmental conditions that lead to rust, corrosion, dry rot, mildew, and mold. These storage challenges result in increased replacement costs and maintenance cycle frequency.

Hard shelters, soft shelters, container systems, and tarps are a few of the limited ways operational equipment—such as vehicles, tanks, weaponry, tools, parachutes, and white gear—are currently being stored. While these methods do offer some protection from the elements, it is not enough to preserve the asset over prolonged periods of time. During sustainment-focused periods, it’s imperative the U.S. Army and other branches of military adopt new technology that maintains operational equipment for longer—extending shelf life and usability while decreasing early replacement or redundant maintenance costs.



With its unbeatable corrosion prevention, Plank Road Technologies’ SecurePac and LOC System reduce required maintenance frequency and costs, combat harsh environmental conditions, eliminate antiquated storage methods, and improve transportation methods.

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Operational readiness of military equipment degrades in corrosive environmental conditions during storage and transportation. Plank Road Technologies provides unbeatable corrosion prevention during storage and transportation with the SecurePac and Low Oxygen Content (LOC) System.

The SecurePac is a durable, reusable, airtight covering that fully encapsulates equipment. The LOC System is a portable system that reduces oxygen, removes humidity, and reduces particulates—the factors that cause corrosion—inside the SecurePac during storage and transportation. Together, the SecurePac and LOC System greatly reduce the corrosive effects of harsh environmental conditions, thereby improving operational readiness and reducing expensive maintenance.

Watch our patented LOC System and SecurePac technology used on a Polaris Vehicle. In this video, we talk about the benefits of protecting and securing the environment of assets in deep storage. By removing oxygen, moisture, and particulates from the environment we are protecting against rust, mold, mildew and corrosion thus ultimately extending the shelf life of the asset. Increase mission readiness with a storage solution that protects against the harmful effects of the external environment with Plank Road Technologies.

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