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U.S. Air Force Firefighters


U.S. Air Force Firefighters face the most physically demanding conditions head-on and with courage. Their job is fast-paced and requires a highly trained skill set that includes fire suppression skills and rescue services. It’s imperative their equipment allows for comfort, mobility and effectiveness in a variety of environments around the world—ranging from Air Force facilities to civilian fire departments.

Beyond emergency firefighter response, U.S. Air Force firefighters require specialized skills in operating and maintaining emergency firefighting equipment as well as chemical, radiological, and biological training. ADS understands Air Force Fire Protection specialists deal with everything from brush fires to burning rocket fuel and hazardous material fires[1].

Training gives Air Force firefighters the ability to swiftly and safely respond to a variety of extreme environments, including structural and proximity fires. Their job is challenging in a multitude of ways so the last thing they need is their equipment holding them back—gear and equipment should be mission specific, too.

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ADS was awarded three firm-fixed price IDIQ contracts for Fire Emergency Services Personal Protective Equipment (FES PPE) in September of 2017. These contracts enable ADS to provide FES PPE structural and proximity garment ensembles and boots to Air Force firefighters, both inside and outside the contiguous U.S. until March 30, 2023.

By partnering with Ricochet Manufacturing Inc. and Honeywell First Responder Products, ADS is able to provide custom-built gear that offers Air Force firefighters greater flexibility, comfort and performance in extreme heat environments. Ricochet’s ergonomic patterning works with the dynamics of the body to reduce heat stress, hobbling, and fatigue and increases range of motion and firefighter safety.

ADS’ goal is to allow a U.S. Air Force firefighters to administer their fire and rescue training and specialized skills, unencumbered by the quality of their gear or equipment. Now, those firefighters can order gear through FedMall by searching with the following contract numbers:

Structural Garments: FA805617D0001

Proximity Garments: FA805617D000

Boots: FA805617D0005


Ricochet Maximum Mobility® Turnout Gear

A structural firefighter suit (also known as turnout gear) is designed for fires involving buildings or structural components and protects against high temperatures while providing a breathable interior and durable exterior.

Ricochet Maximum Mobility® Proximity Gear

A proximity firefighter suit is designed for fires involving aircraft rescue and protects against extreme temperatures of radiant and conductive heat for short periods of time.

Honeywell CROSSTECH Pro Series Model Structural & Proximity Boots

These structural and proximity firefighting boots are powerfully designed for performance, agility, and safety. The Goodyear Welt construction is both comfortable and lightweight.

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