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Expedient Small Asset Protection (ESAP)

Expedient Small Asset Protection (ESAP) Programs

The Challenge: U.S. Air Force seeks an expedient, rapidly deployable and erectable Small Asset Protection facility solution for safeguarding of critical Air Force assets. In response, ADS worked with Dogwood Industries, LLC to design, manufacture, and field a rapidly deployable solution that can be erected in 5-days by a 9 -person crew.

The ESAP solution provides a strong, worldwide deployable infrastructure solution in support of specific Air Force operational missions and provides critical asset protection and erection by organic U.S. Air Force personnel and resources.

ADS provided the following Program Support under the Program

  • Solution design and manufacturing
  • Factory Acceptance Testing and Customer Training
  • Kitting and packaging of solution to best support efficient and effective worldwide deployability
  • Instruction Manuals
  • Sustainment Support
military esap shelter structure

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