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CNGT Construction Program

Malta Police Headquarters Facility and Armenian Canine Training Facility

The Challenges:

COCOM and DOD investment in building Partner Nation Capability and Capacity in its fight against Counter Narcotics and Global Threats.

Under the Acquisition Management & Integration Center (AMIC) Counter Narcotics and Global Threats (CN>) Operations and Logistics Support IDIQ Contract ADS supported the below construction efforts in Malta and Armenia.

Engineering & Construction Challenges:

Design/Build Task Orders executed in specified European Nations using Host Nation building and engineering standards while leveraging Host Nation Subcontractor construction execution.

Managed team comprised of ADS as the Prime Contractor, KVG as our Subcontractor Execution Agent who managed the construction execution by a Host Nation Subcontractor. Managed numerous challenges created by the Russian Invasion of Ukraine which upset many norms from banking, labor, and supply chain issues throughout Europe.

The Solutions:

Malta Police Headquarters Facility:

ADS managed and executed the renovation and build out of an existing warehouse space to support Malta Counter Narcotics Operations.

Scope of project included the renovation of three warehouse bays (500 SM) to provide Administrative, Operations, and Maintenance spaces for Counter Narcotic Operations for the Maltese Security Forces.

Matla Facility
Armenia Canine Training Facility:

ADS managed and executed the new construction to enhance Canine Training Capabilities for the Armenia Security Forces.

Scope of project included the construction of 420 SM Training and Inspection Building, 93 SM Quarantine Kennel, gravel parking area and access drive to new facilities, and a perimeter fence to enclose the Canine Training Complex

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