Warrior Expo WEST equips the modern warfighter with innovative solutions that optimize performance and improve readiness while increasing lethality and survivability. With hundreds of leading industry suppliers and more than 3,000 vetted attendees, it’s far more than a simple trade show—it’s the defense industry’s one-stop-shop for industry networking, training and product demonstrations.

Warrior WEST is open exclusively to active duty military*, federal, state and local government agencies, law enforcement, and first responders. Military and government attendees must present official government-issued identification.

*Registration is not open to retired military or the general public.


San Diego Convention Center

April 1-2


Wednesday, April 1

0900 – 1000: Keynote Speaker | Announcement coming soon! San Diego Convention Center, Second Floor Sails Pavilion

1000 – 1630: Warrior Expo Open to Attendees

1900 – 2300: Warrior Bash | Customer Reception Hard Rock Hotel: 207 Fifth Ave, San Diego, CA 92101

Thursday, April 2

0900 – 1530: Warrior Expo Open to Attendees

San Diego Convention Center, Second Floor Sails Pavilion

Training Never Stops

Whether you’re a Program Manager, Procurement Specialist, or end user, the key to success is staying ahead of the curve through training and continuing education.

Our training courses cut out irrelevant details and are delivered by experts who have firsthand experience.

  • Receive course credits
  • Learn from subject matter experts
  • Walk away with hands-on, scenario-based training

Stop the Bleed

Stop the Bleed is a course designed to educate the public on how to effectively reduce blood loss in an injured patient. Phokus Research Group will cover: identifying different types of bleeding, methods to control bleeds, and how to treat the patient post bleeding control. Any and all skill levels are welcome.

FMT Tactical Athlete Medic Certification

This course introduces the concept of movement therapy and performance enhancement to create simple and effective non-opioid musculoskeletal treatment and selfcare programs for the tactical athlete. Musculoskeletal injuries are one of the leading causes of non-combat related injuries within the Department of Defense. This course is a new paradigm for decreasing Return-to-Duty timelines and increasing force readiness with each athlete and command.

Procurement Strategies

Recent crises all have one thing in common: equipment was needed and FAST! (Equipment that the DoD, military and federal agencies wouldn't otherwise have.) From Government-Wide Acquisition Contracts (GWAC) and service-specific contracts to tailored solutions, learn how ADS leverages agile and flexible procurement solutions to meet your needs in a time of crisis.

Getting Approval: Warrior Expo Widely Attended Gathering (WAG) FAQs

There is no charge or admission fee for this event. You should seek guidance from your designated agency ethics official (DAEO) as to whether your attendance to this event is permitted under your agency’s widely attended gathering (WAG) rule and obtain any determinations required by such rule or other applicable regulations.

Download the Widely Attended Gathering (WAG) letter to highlight the benefits of Warrior. To assist your ethics official in determining if this event qualifies as a WAG, we have provided answers to several key questions:

How many anticipated attendees and from which sectors are they?

More than 6,000 invitations will be distributed to individuals from Government, private industry, non-profit organizations, and the media. We anticipate approximately 2,500 attendees with approximately 60% from the Department of Defense, federal, state and local government agencies, 35% from private industry and 5% from other groups, such as allied international governments, non-profit organizations and media.

Is this event in the interest of the agency because it will further agency programs and operations?

For more than a decade, the purpose of Warrior has been to showcase the latest industry-leading equipment and services solutions to end users, program managers and procurement specialists that are designed to help them meet their operational requirements as efficiently and cost-effectively as possible. This event also provides quality training and education in both structured classroom environments and open area training and demonstrations. These hands-on and classroom learning opportunities focus on topics related to readiness, health, technology, procurement, professional and personal growth. Classes are led by industry professionals, contacted instructors, or ADS staff. To find out more information regarding instructors, please visit Warrior Expo.

Will individuals in attendance represent a range of persons interested in a given matter?

The event is structured to represent a broad scope of industry and Government-specific exhibits, educational sessions and demonstrations related to operational equipment, logistics and mission support. We have invited more than 300 key exhibitors from the industrial and manufacturing base that have developed the latest technology to address warfighter capabilities and requirements. Solution categories range from operational clothing and individual equipment (OCIE), C4ISR, medical and expeditionary operations, to unmanned systems technology and special missions such as explosive ordnance disposal (EOD).

Members of DOD, Federal, state and local agencies, first responders, U.S. allied foreign military organizations and government defense contractors will have the opportunity to exchange ideas, as well as hear from, ask questions and be educated by subject matter experts about the latest advancements in operational equipment, logistics support and procurement strategies to support their mission requirements.

Warrior WEST training demonstration
Warrior WEST training lecture
Warrior WEST training equipment demonstration
military members pose at Warrior WEST

ADS Inc. provides innovative and cost-effective solutions for our customers’ equipment, procurement, and logistics challenges. As the #2 DLA supplier, #28 Federal Government Contractor, and #32 GSA Contractor, we leverage our diverse supplier relationships to source and integrate a total solution that is on time and on target, every time. With more than 50K products and 3K suppliers, we are known for collaborating with defense industry suppliers to design custom solutions to problems.


Join ADS in San Diego, CA April 1-2 to experience innovative solutions from industry-leading suppliers that optimize performance and improve readiness while increasing lethality and survivability.