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Uncovering the Different Segments of the C5ISR Systems Market?

Information is everything in the military. That’s why military personnel work tirelessly to gather and analyze data, and communicate life-saving information to the right people at the right time.

If ordnance, strategy, and military personnel make up the “muscle” of the military, then C5ISR is the “nervous system”--driving all communication and information to prepare troops and monitor threats in the field.

What is C5ISR?

C5ISR is made up of 8 components: command, control, communications, computers, cyber, intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance. Army C5ISR systems are essential to the safety and success of military operations and requires professionals to be on the cutting edge of C5ISR technology.

Let’s break down these 8 components of C5ISR systems:

Command & Control

Command and control, two of the C’s in C5ISR, focus on data-driven mission execution.

Command and control centered systems are used to gather disparate data and disseminate information for mission use.

Proper command and control systems need to be durable, high-speed devices that can facilitate information gathering and sharing in real-time. In addition, they must be completely protected against any enemy hacking or other system threats.


The reliable exchange of information and real-time situational awareness can neutralize threats but it requires cutting-edge technology across the entire terrestrial and satellite communications landscape.

Sophisticated communication devices and capabilities are essential in battlefield operations as they enable users to send and receive orders, reports, mission critical data and alerts to those on the ground or otherwise.


The next C of C5ISR centers around the motherboard of the C5ISR technology: the computer. Without effective software, hardware, and information systems, the C5ISR strategy of a troop is failed.

Effective C5ISR computers are unique in their durability and impenetrable security. For example, Panasonic’s “Toughbook” equipment line offers rugged designs, immense processing power, and long-lasting battery life.


The final C of a C5ISR system describes a device that is equipped with cybersecurity defenses. The Department of Defense has addressed cyberspace as a vulnerable domain much like air, land, and water. However, the U.S. Military does not have a branch that directly addresses cyber defenses. This is where the fifth C of a C5ISR system comes into play.

An effective C5ISR system is equipped to tackle threats related to intelligence and information warfare and works to prevent sensitive data leaks and breaches.

Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance

Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance, most commonly known as ISR, are a series of systems put into place to acquire and process information. This information, once gathered through ISR processes, are used for U.S. defense and national security decision-making.

ISR systems include real-time video and surveillance, and equipment built to navigate and monitor air, land, sea, and even space. ISR devices and tactics provide key situational awareness to federal law enforcement and the department of defense.

Key technological advancements include automated information systems as well as Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) and Counter-UAS technology.

C5ISR Technology and System Recommendations

In an ever-changing environment, up-to-date equipment is crucial. That’s why ADS, Inc. stays on top of communication and technology trends to provide our customers with the best equipment for the most complex operational challenges.

ADS works with suppliers to offer a wide variety of unique solutions to enhance every aspect of communication and connectivity across the C5ISR topography.

Our cutting-edge C5ISR equipment recommendations include:

Command and Control





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