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TYR Tactical Belts for the Battlefield

Tactical belts do more than just hold up pairs of camouflage pants; they’re the base from which a soldier builds their entire equipment support system. Tactical belts should be strong and durable yet comfortable enough to wear day in and day out through grueling circumstances.

Above all, tactical belts must improve a soldier’s ability to use their equipment on the battlefield without slowing down.

From base belt to load carriage, TYR Tactical’s® line of tactical belts do all this and more.

TYR Tactical® Base Belt

Tactical belts begin at the base layer – gear belts would be unable to stay up without a sturdy base belt secured around the waist. Taxed with this responsibility, base belts must be resistant to abrasions, cuts, tears, and other abuse while strong enough to support the modern warfighter’s heavy equipment loadout.

The TYR Tactical Base Belt’s enhanced design features high-strength type 13 webbing that was independently tested to withstand roughly 6,800 lbs. of vertical pull. The Base Belt is only 2” wide and closes with a 2” Cobra buckle, one of the safest and strongest load-bearing buckles available today. Designed in conjunction with TYR’s complete line of Load Carriage and Gunfighter® belt models, the Tactical Base Belt will be the strong foundation soldiers need on the battlefield.

The Tactical Rigger Base Belt includes every feature of the standard Base belt but adds a sewn forged steel extraction ring hard point to use for climbing, repelling, and being hoisted by helicopter in a combat zone.

Both Base Belts come in the following sizes (measurements reflect the min. and max. adjustment lengths, not pant sizes):

TYR Tactical Gunfighter® Belt

Some have trouble deciding between load carriage and rigger belts. TYR Tactical’s Gunfighter® Belt is the best of both worlds.

Made with the same high-strength type 13 webbing, the Gunfighter® Belt improves upon the Base Belt with two rows of ½” MOLLE webbing, allowing the user to easily change out mission-specific gear as needed.

In addition to the enhanced versatility with the MOLLE webbing, the Gunfighter® Belt also adds a layer of comfort with its removable antimicrobial and FR-treated interior padded spacer mesh. This interior comfort pad helps offset the additional weight of any MOLLE pouches and allows soldiers to operate for longer without being burdened by an uncomfortable support system.

Gunfighter® Belts come in the following sizes (measurements reflect the min. and max. adjustment lengths, not pant sizes):

TYR Tactical® Load Carriage Belt

TYR Tactical’s Gunfighter® Load Carriage Belt is a slim, low-profile load carriage belt that’s ready to support warfighters through their most demanding missions.

The Load Carriage Belt was designed for both load carriage and ballistic coverage – PALS webbing allows for multiple MOLLE attachments, while the patented Ballistic Vein provides a more rigid platform that improves the overall structure and capabilities of the belt, including soft armor inserts.

What sets the Gunfighter® Load Carriage Belt apart from its competition is the use of TYR Tactical’s Pluma Vires (PV®) material. PV® is a hybrid material containing 500-denier Cordura and 200-denier Kevlar in an ultra-tight weave that is at least 20% lighter but 7-10 times more abrasion-resistant than any other material used by comparable products on the market today. PV® provides a crucial structural benefit for load carriage by reducing system weight, minimizing stretch and sag, and improving the belt’s durability.

No other belt can stand in comparison to the Gunfighter® Load Carriage Belt because no other belt uses Pluma Vires material.

The Gunfighter® Load Carriage Belt is available in the following sizes (measurements reflect total length of belt from end-to-end, not pant sizes):

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