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Train Harder with DFND Compression Clothing

Achieving peak physical fitness requires more than the will to win. It demands the right equipment, which includes soldiers’ training apparel. When longtime friends Steve Burnett and Jeff Herdman discovered the high soldier injury rate in 2015, they knew they had to get involved.

Founding DFND clothing was their answer. In just seven years, their products became so effective at enhancing soldier performance and reducing injuries that they’re now standard issue for much of the Special Forces. Keep reading to learn why DFND compression wear is the choice for soldiers serious about their physical performance–both on and off the battlefield.

Why DFND Clothing Stands In the Gap

It’s no surprise that soldiers’ peak physical condition is a prerequisite to mission readiness. Though one may think any athletic wear suffices, soldiers face numerous environments that are more demanding than civilian contexts. DFND’s combination of posturally aware product design, superior fabrics, and performance-ready features supports soldiers’ physical capacities to their fullest potential.

Recovery is just as, if not more important than training, which is why DFND’s line includes recovery apparel. After a strenuous workout, your muscles need enough oxygen-rich blood flow to recover thoroughly. DFND’s recovery clothing provides this and keeps soldiers ready for upcoming workouts.

DFND Product Line Highlights

DFND’s range of products is as versatile as its performance applications. The high performance compression line has products for men, women, and youth, which includes training, recovery, and fire-resistant variants. Here are a few highlights from DFND’s catalog:

Men’s Compression Shorts

DFND’s men’s compression shorts are the perfect place to start for standard training regiments. Compression shorts are designed to improve oxygenated blood flow to muscles and between the upper and lower body during demanding physical activity. DFND’s men’s shorts prevent injury by encouraging both posterior and anterior pelvic tilt.

Women’s Recovery Compression Tights

It’s crucial to rest as thoroughly as you train, which is why recovery tights are a smart move. DFND’s women’s recovery compression tights support increased blood flow and reduced soreness. They’re designed to be worn for three to five hours after your training session or while sleeping. The recovery tights’ graduated compression enhances full muscle group recovery, not just the muscles you focused on.

Hybrid Compression Socks

Need your lower body to be as fit as your upper body? DFND has you covered with hybrid compression socks. These over-the-calf socks are 75% nylon, 12% polyester, and 13% spandex with ventilated feet and arch support. DFND’s compression socks are built to reduce the likelihood of blood clots, shin splints, and post-workout soreness. Soldiers will find them as useful for weight training and deadlift as they are for long-distance running and sprinting.

Performance Characteristics

DFND clothing is more than just durable fabric. It’s built with numerous real-world needs in mind. Here are three performance characteristics that set DFND above the rest:

1. UVA and UVB Protection

Most people know that ultraviolet (UV) rays are damaging to the skin and may cause cancer as a result of prolonged exposure. But it’s less common knowledge that the sun emits multiple kinds of UV rays, including UVB rays.

UVB rays reach the cells in the top layer of one’s skin and can cause skin blisters or cancer without adequate protection. All DFND clothing products come with complete UVA and UVB protection for peace of mind, no matter where you’re training.

2. Antimocrobial Properties

Working up a sweat is no joke, and neither is body odor. That’s why DFND is antimicrobial by design, meaning the fabric inhibits or destroys pathogenic microorganism growth.

This feature is useful for both regular training sessions as well as assignments in humid and swampy regions. Bacteria grows in a variety of environments and soldiers need mission-ready apparel that is as durable as they are.

3. Moisture Wicking

DFND is also moisture-wicking, making it ideal for getting in and out of wetlands quickly. Need to cross through a body of water or have oncoming storm clouds? It’s no concern for DFND’s fabric that keeps performance-ready body temperatures in and moisture out.

Moisture-wicking apparel channels sweat away from the body through a combination of hydrophilic (“water liking”) and hydrophobic (“water-fearing”) fibers. The hydrophilic fiber draws moisture towards itself and pulls it towards the hydrophobic fibers. When moisture reaches the outer layer, it can evaporate quickly and effectively.

DFND Against Subpar Workouts

Whether you’re a soldier who wants top-shelf gear or a lieutenant researching for your battalion, you know the value of high-performance workout clothing. DFND’s graduated compression line includes everything soldiers need to break personal fitness records and recover just as quickly. Need more information about a specific product? Contact us for a prompt reply.

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