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The Science Behind Military Flight Suits

As the temperatures dip and wind speed increases, your mission is to stay warm and protected. But how can a military flight suit do that? Suits like the patented fabric ones Drifire makes keep soldiers at a steady temperature and protect them from the elements.

Military flight suits are also known as Flight Atmospheric Suits or FAST suits. These suits decrease the body’s core temperature by keeping moisture out and regulating internal temperature—which is why it’s so important for pilots to wear them in inhospitable environments.

Here’s everything you need to know about military flight suits and why Drifire is an excellent choice for your next mission.

Why Do Pilots Wear Jumpsuits?

The reason military pilots wear jumpsuits is they regulate body temperature and keep moisture out. Wearing a jumpsuit prevents excessive sweating and freezing, which facilitates superior focus for all tasks at hand. Jumpsuits are especially helpful in cold climates where the outside temperature can dip below -40 degrees Fahrenheit.

When outside temperatures drop, the temperature inside the aircraft is also likely to drop, which can cause condensation on the exterior of the aircraft. Condensation can leak inside, which may affect soldiers’ ability to operate tools and command centers. With flight suits, however, staying dry and nimble is no longer a concern.

What Are Military Flight Suits?

A military flight suit at minimum consists of pants, a jacket, a helmet, and a neck gaiter for military staff in planes, helicopters, fighter jets, and more. Military flight gear is specifically designed for military pilots to wear onboard aircraft.

Soldiers often wear inner layers that complement the outer layers, such as Drifire’s Prime FR Long Sleeve Tee, Prime FR Cold Weather Neck Gaiter, and Prime FR Long John Pants.

FR stands for flame resistant, which is critically important for military pilots and supporting soldiers. One slight accident can cause part or all of a plane to catch fire, in which case, life-saving clothing is the bare minimum.

Though aircraft fires are rare, about half of military aircraft never meet their annual readiness milestones. That’s why it’s smart to have backup plans, no matter where you or your soldiers are deployed.

They also designed military flight suits for specific environments and not for everyday use. Drifire utilizes proven moisture-wicking and heat-retaining materials so soldiers can focus on what they do best—executing the mission.

The Science in Military Flight Suits

Knowing that military flight suits regulate body temperature and protect against moisture fluctuations is useful. But most modern athletic wear also does this. So, why is the science behind military flight suits any different?

Military flight suits are a unique combination of fast-drying and odor-resistant fabrics with extreme tensile strength, flame resistance, and durability. Soldiers may experience all kinds of environmental conditions while serving, so they need physical gear that prepares them for anything.

Drifire’s military flight suits and jumpsuits are a cut above the rest. They dry three times faster than cotton if wet, offer twice the durability of competitors, and are lightweight despite all of their features.

Drifire’s proprietary FORTREX® material is industry-leading and offers units the best bodily protection with minimal bulk. Let's take a closer look at the moisture management side of Drifire flight suits.

How Do Flight Suits Combat Moisture?

Drifire’s military flight suits keep soldiers’ bodies at a steady temperature by blocking the cold wind and moisture in the air through their patented fabric blend. However, the interior of the suit is still vulnerable to moisture from the wearer’s body.

To combat this, Drifire’s flight suits have built-in moisture management. This means that when the soldier is sweating, wicking technology will let the moisture out before it builds up inside.

This is helpful for two reasons:

  1. It helps soldiers maintain the same level of movement and physical readiness from the moment they put the suit on

  2. It allows the soldier to stay in their suits for longer periods of time

Pilots can maintain a mission-ready body temperature while landing or taking off from a carrier with Drifire suits. Without modern wicking technology and Drifire’s patented material, soldiers are at the mercy of whatever temperature fluctuations occur.

How Drifire Protects Against Cold Temperatures?

Drifire flight suits aren’t just great for wicking moisture away, they’re also useful for protecting against severe low temperatures. Drifire is a hydrophobic material that resists liquid and prevents it from penetrating the suit. This means that when the pilot is in a hot environment, the suit pushes excess moisture out and away. But when the pilot is in Arctic or sub-zero environments, the suit traps heat, repels moisture, and protects against the cold.

The Bottom Line

Drifire’s military flight suits are designed specifically for pilots who operate aircraft in a variety of environments. They keep the pilot’s body at a steady temperature by blocking the cold wind and shielding against moisture in the air. The suit’s interior is dry while the exterior protects against the cold.

Deploy your unit with the confidence they need to tackle any environmental circumstance. Request a Drifire quote today or contact us with any other questions you may have.

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