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The Best Military Tactical Sunglasses from Oakley

Military tactical sunglasses are designed for active duty soldiers and special operations forces to increase situational awareness, visibility, and protection during movement. Improving these three factors increases the likelihood of seeing threats before they materialize as well as increasing the distance one can see without external aids.

Reducing the risk of blindness is another important characteristic of any tactical sunglasses because visual acuity is significantly reduced when exposed to bright light. Blinding conditions like this reduce the ability to detect and identify objects at a distance.

Oakley has been making top-tier eyewear and protective goggles for over 40 years and counting. In this article, we look at seven characteristics of their best military-grade tactical sunglasses to help you find the right pair for your military needs.

Superior Sun and UV Ray Protection

The most important factor when choosing the best military sunglasses is their ability to protect the wearer’s eyes from strong UV and sun rays. The best military tactical sunglasses, like Oakley’s SI Half Jacket 2.0, are equipped with Plutonite®, which blocks 100% of UVA and UVB rays from the sun.

While protection from the sun’s brightness is essential, sunglasses are also useful for concealing information. Oakley military sunglasses’ lenses are lightweight enough to improve visibility in the right ways, yet dark enough to prevent observers from easily understanding what a soldier is thinking or feeling.

High Visibility Through Optically Correct Lenses

Excellent visibility is important for any tactical sunglasses and it’s one of Oakley’s standards for all of their models–military or recreational. Superior-grade military tactical sunglasses like the SI Flak Jacket make a large area in front of the wearer visible while simultaneously decreasing the amount of ambient light that would otherwise obscure the view.

Military personnel encounter a variety of situations where increased visibility is helpful, such as searching for suspects or examining a room for possible threats. Oakley’s lenses are optically correct, meaning everything in front of the wearer appears the same way it would if the lenses weren’t being worn.

While most Oakley military sunglasses meet ​​ANSI Z87.1 standards, the SI Flak Jacket exceeds them. The American National Standards Institute, or ANSI, is the benchmark against which military equipment and supplies are measured for utility and uniformity.

Lightweight and Durable Construction

Oakley military sunglasses are lightweight and durable to withstand the rigors of everyday use. Soldiers often evacuate quickly, move frequently, and carry heavy gear. Therefore, the sunglasses they use must be built to last, which Oakley delivers in droves.

Top-quality materials, such as polycarbonate, are among the substances Oakley uses to make high-endurance sunglasses. Polycarbonate temples and frames are lightweight and durable, making them a great material for the best military tactical sunglasses. Oakley’s lenses are also scratch- and shatter-resistant to withstand even the most extreme impacts.

Wide Field of View

Squads and units often have to work in cramped spaces, which makes it more challenging to see everything around you. Products like Oakley’s SI Half Jacket 2.0 and SI Ballistic Goggle 2.0 are designed to maintain visual fidelity all the way to the periphery of the lenses.

These sunglasses provide a wide field of view with no distortion, enabling soldiers to know what something is as soon as it’s found. When exploring buildings or seeking enemy targets, wide fields of view allow one to see all possible threats as well as increase the likelihood of detecting low-level sounds that may otherwise be missed.

Wide fields of view are especially helpful when trying to spot distant threats or threats that are high above the ground, as the area may appear more expansive than it really is. A large field of view can partly compensate for this distance, while also reducing the risk of missing threats that are close because they may be difficult to spot.

Comfortable Fit With No Fogging or Steaming Up

Fogging–or condensation on the lenses–is a leading cause of visibility problems during combat, especially in damp and cold conditions. Oakley’s top-shelf military tactical sunglasses offer a comfortable fit that does not become foggy or clouded.

Oakley’s goggles and sunglasses are designed to remain clear when soldiers are in battle or other strenuous activity. This decreases the likelihood that eyewear needs to be removed, and when eyewear stays on, soldiers’ missions are more likely to be successful.

Coating Materials That Reduce Glare and Light Transmission

Military personnel often need to identify objects at long distances, especially when the sun is too bright, causing compromised visibility. Sunglasses like Oakley’s SI Fuel Cell come with Iridium® and HDPolarized™ coated lenses to minimize the amount of glare soldiers face.

Iridium also has anti-corrosive and heat-resistant properties, offering prolonged use in demanding environments. The fact that Oakley’s lens coatings are clear allows the lenses to transmit enough light without becoming opaque, which is helpful when experiencing reduced visibility conditions.

High-Mass Impact Protection

Soldiers face combatants on a daily basis, and hostile forces grow more creative with their plans of attack as time goes on. This means they strategize new ways to attach more effectively from less easily detectable environments with deadlier force.

Accordingly, soldiers must have protective gear with high-mass impact resistance. When bullets are fired directly at the head, soldiers’ eyes are almost certain to be injured without robust protection.

Oakley’s SI Straight Jacket tactical sunglasses are one such product designed for maximum impact protection. They meet the ANSI Z87.1 standards and are great for any soldier on field assignments.

Oakley: The Vision Advantage

When thinking about the equipment soldiers need for success, plate carriers, firearms, and helmets more quickly come to mind. Tactical eyewear isn’t always high on the list. But protecting one’s vision is just as important, if not more so, than the aforementioned needs.

Oakley's military tactical sunglasses give your unit the visual shield and improved line of sight when they’re needed most. Request a quote now or send us a message for any other inquiries.

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