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Top 6 Must-Have Equipment List for Field Hospitals

A functional hospital can mean the difference between life and death in combat. The same is true for urban settings.

Field hospitals often serve populations who desperately need medical care, but don't have access to it. This means that a successful field hospital needs to be extremely resourceful and efficient, making the most out of limited resources and space. Therefore, one of the biggest hurdles is adequate storage.

Staff at a field hospital need the ability to perform a range of medical services for patients, but they often have very little square footage to store all of their equipment. That makes effective storage solutions the most important consideration. We've listed products that promise to help field hospitals address this problem below.

1. Modular Storage System

Field hospitals need storage that is not only efficient but also flexible. The Modular Storage System is Spacesaver's most adjustable solution.

The unit's rail system has holes that allow for pegs, trays, bins, or boxes—depending on the staff's needs or personal preferences. This system makes it easy to change the way they organize things if the hospital needs to make adjustments. They spaced the holes in a way that enables the staff flexibility in determining the distance between each stored item.

Because medical professionals in field hospital settings have to respond quickly to unexpected situations, they need a storage solution that's adaptable.

2. Anesthesiology Equipment and Supplies Storage

Personnel at field hospitals often perform procedures that require anesthesiology. Spacesaver offers a solution specifically for the job in its Anesthesiology Equipment and Supplies Storage Unit.

It’s designed to store many supplies with limited space because we can move it using the wheels at the end of each unit. Spinning these wheels can shrink and expand the aisle space between the shelves, making it extremely space efficient. Also, the slat walls on the unit's ends allow for wire bins to hang outside the shelves, allowing easy access to frequently used supplies.

3. Surgical Storage Solution

Storage solutions for surgeons need to accommodate how surgeons work. Surgeons use many tools during procedures and need to feel that they can look over all their supplies. Easy access to everything while they evaluate what they need for surgery is very important.

Spacesaver’s Surgical Storage Solution has features designed to meet these needs. The unit has the same mechanical assist wheels as the Anesthesiology Equipment and Supplies Storage Unit above, so you can move the shelves as needed. In addition, these shelves can fit a variety of types of boxes, from wire boxes to plastic bins, allowing surgeons to use whichever method of storage they prefer.

4. Bulk Pharmacy Storage

Field hospitals need to keep many types of different medications on hand for their patients, and Spacesaver's Bulk Pharmacy Storage is as space efficient as their anesthesiology and surgical storage units. One additional benefit of bulk pharmacy storage is, instead of wheels, these have buttons that you press to collapse aisle space and minimize space when not in use. This allows field hospitals the flexibility they need to store necessary pharmaceuticals efficiently.

5. Sterile Storage

Hygiene is a major concern for field hospitals. They can't always be built in ideal conditions, so staff must do everything to prioritize cleanliness within the field hospital's walls. Spacesaver's Sterile Storage System can help. They minimize storage space as well as maintain a sterile environment to store equipment.

6. PPE Storage

The COVID pandemic emphasized the importance of personal protective equipment (PPE). Not only at field hospitals, but at regular hospitals. In fact, the United States saw an increase in field hospital construction. It forced hospitals to set them up when their facilities didn't have sufficient space to treat patients.

Field Hospital Requirements

When compiling a field hospital equipment list, you should first consider effective storage solutions. That means storage that maximizes storage for minimal space. It should allow personnel easy and efficient access to supplies.

It’s fundamental for field hospital equipment to be convenient, durable, and modular.

Spacesaver’s wide variety of units has set the standard for military-grade equipment in the field hospital industry.

Learn about more Spacesaver storage solutions here.

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