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Sustainable Initiatives in the Defense Industry

Building a Greener Military: Sustainable Initiatives in the Defense Industry

"The United States will also move quickly to build resilience, both at home and abroad, against the impacts of climate change that are already manifest and will continue to intensify according to current trajectories."

In January 2021, President Joe Biden released an Executive Order focused on tackling the climate crisis. The order highlighted how, through a cross-governmental effort, the United States must become climate resilient “both at home and abroad”--including in our Defense sector.

The U.S. military is no stranger to sustainable initiatives. Slowly but surely, energy-efficient, renewable, and otherwise sustainable technology has become a priority in defense development.

In fact, between 2011 and 2015, the U.S. military increased its renewable power generation by 100%. This lies in stark comparison to the mere 2.6% increase in renewable power seen in the nation as a whole during this time.

Today, each sector of the military has developed its own initiatives to increase sustainability through waste reduction and renewable energy. For example, the Army’s Net Zero Initiative, or the Navy’s “Great Green Fleet” of biofuel-driven warships.

Certain innovators in the field have developed green technologies that have been seamlessly adopted into day-to-day and mission use. From energy-efficient lighting to atmospheric water generation, these suppliers are advancing the U.S. military’s strategy and security with their sustainable innovations.

5 of the Latest Sustainable Initiatives in the Military

1. Babington Technology’s Energy Efficient Heating Systems

Babington is an experienced manufacturer of Field Feeding and Heating Solutions for the military. Its innovative equipment provides multi-fuel solutions for heating and cooking in the field.

Babington’s products utilize closed combustion heat, which helps to protect not only the environment but the individual service men and women in the field. Its signature technology means no open flame, less energy use, and no chance of carbon monoxide exposure.

Airtronic Burner
Heat-On-The-Move Kitchen Systems

“The world’s cleanest and most energy-efficient distillate fuel burner.” This Airtronic burner produces no smoke, no odor, and no carbon monoxide.

It utilizes a unique air-atomization technology that leads to near-perfect combustion and can withstand the diverse and rugged environments of the U.S. military. Babington Technology reduces electrical demand as much as possible, using energy-efficient systems built to last.

2. HDT Global’s Sustainable Solar Power Solutions

HDT Global provides state-of-the-art integrated expeditionary systems, from shelters to digital video distribution systems. HDT also offers a variety of power and environmental solutions for deployment.

HDT Global Tactical Power Systems
Tactical Solar Power Systems

HDT’s Tactical Solar Power System is made of three parts:

  1. Expandable Solar Array (ESA), which deploys on a roof or another surface to collect solar energy
  2. Expandable Battery Pack (EBP) to store power from the solar array
  3. Balance of Systems (BOS) to load balance power needs as required from this or other power generation systems, including HMWVV batteries, wind, electric, or other generators.

This solar power system acts as an alternative to rigid solar panels, instead offering flexible PV panels laminated onto PVC-coated canvas (shelter cover fabric). This allows the system to be used on a far broader selection of surfaces.

3. Russkap Holdings’ Atmospheric Water Generation (AWG) Green Technology

Russkap Holdings LLC distributes atmospheric water generation (AWG) machines that provide clean, pure drinking water at the source of need.

These machines reduce reliance on bottled water in locations from office buildings to military deployment, where the water supply infrastructure may impact taste and safety. Through the use of Russkap’s technology, we see less bottles, and less waste.

AWG creates water from air, without the need to tap into a water source. With as little as 30% relative humidity and temperatures above 60°F, their machines can produce water without the need for existing infrastructure.

Tiffany AWG device from RussKap

Russkap’s AWG Tiffany machine doesn’t require any water source and reduces the use of disposable plastic water bottles. The Tiffany can produce up to 12 gallons of fresh, pure, drinking water in a 24-hour period, keeping the water clean and fresh in its 7-gallon tank. Only requiring a 110-volt wall outlet, the device reduces 33,174 16.9-ounce plastic water bottles per year.

4. Energy Focus’ Energy Efficient Lighting Solutions

Energy Focus provides high-quality LED lights specifically for use on Navy fleets.

By replacing fluorescent lights with LEDs, a navy ship’s energy consumption is reduced when underway and while docked. This is because Navy ships will use local power sources while in port to maintain systems, including all of a ship’s lights. This puts a strain on local power infrastructure impacts other valuable resources.

Through the use of LEDs, Energy Focus cuts a ship’s shoreside power consumption by as much as 50%. In addition to being more sustainable, the LED lights are brighter, and use colors that are similar to natural light. This improves Sailor safety and reduces workday fatigue.

Energy Focus LED lights also operate for two to three times longer than fluorescents. A longer product life leads to fewer lights in the landfill.

5. Advanced Mobile Filtration Services’ Wastewater Remediation Technology

Advanced Mobile Filtration Services (AMFS) brings 100 years of experience in the oil and gas industry to wastewater remediation in the Department of Defense.

Fire and emergency training exercises often cause chemical runoff that is harmful to the environment and our ecosystems. Runoff is collected and stored onsite until it can be transported and disposed of safely. That’s where AMFS comes in.

AMFS provides onsite water filtration that removes PFAS, PFOS, and other harmful chemicals from collected wastewater. They can reduce the volume of contaminated water by 90%, leaving behind clean, potable water for reuse.

Two workers work in water filtration

ADS, Inc.’s Commitment to Sustainability

ADS works with manufacturers and suppliers that are committed to reducing waste and lessening the environmental impact our customers have during day-to-day operations and expeditionary missions.

Through thousands of long-standing supplier relationships, we are prepared to quote and source the best products you need for your mission.

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