Real-Time Situational Awareness, Anywhere

Real-Time Situational Awareness, Anywhere


Today’s warfighters and frontline personnel must leverage best in class Command and Control technologies to execute mission assignments based on a range of real-time disparate data. The dissemination and presentation of this information is mission critical.

Having the right tools—from software to hardware—is essential to push and pull data across the communication infrastructure, allowing for timely and precise decisions. Enhanced situational awareness will keep you a step ahead in today’s fast-paced and fluid OPTEMPO environments.

Internet-connected devices tuned for battlefield operations require high-speed data and near-perfect connectivity— certainly under enemy jamming, hacking and offensive attacks. High-capacity satellite systems allow users to send orders, receive reports, and even teleconference with troops on the ground. Tactical satellite communications (SATCOM) terminals provide troops access to reach anyone from anywhere.

  • Command and Control Consoles
  • Audio& Visual Displays
  • Rugged Tactical Computing
  • Cyber Security
  • Tactical & Public Safety Communication
  • Satellite Communications
  • SATCOM & Manet Solutions
  • Audio & Communication Accessories

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