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The battlefield of tomorrow is constantly evolving and the warfighter must be optimally prepared both mentally and physically to stay one step ahead of the adversary. Through the human performance triad of physical fitness and rehabilitation, nutritional monitoring and support, cognitive rehabilitation and sleep therapy, as well as incorporating advanced technology systems, the warfighter is enhanced for battle readiness and can achieve maximum lethality.

Unpredictable schedules, inadequate training equipment and an OPTEMPO all make staying physically sharp a challenge. As human performance requirements are growing more stringent, it’s crucial our service men and women are equipped with superior equipment, even in the roughest of environments. ADS works with top human performance suppliers to provide our deployed service men and women an opportunity to enhance their physical training capabilities while in theater.

As the #1 DLA Contractor, #17 GSA Contractor and #22 Federal Contractor, ADS helps you select quality, cost-effective equipment, guides you through our procurement options, develop custom kits and commits to on-time, on-target delivery.

/// Spear Enterprise Data Management System

Advanced Technology System for Health and Human Performance SPEAR is an enterprise data management system used across DoD to predict, manage, and optimize the performance of its human assets. Leveraging Azure Government technologies, SPEAR is fully authorized at the Impact Level 5 (IL5) tier, allowing it to manage some of DoD’s most sensitive unclassified data. SPEAR has become the only health and human performance data management system to bridge the gap between .com and .mil domains within the health and human performance industry.

SPEAR data management system capabilities

The combination of this best-in-class public and private sector resources not only provides a shared interface between operators, practitioners, and administrators but also allows DoD writ large to advance and leverage a more tactical edge.

  • Ingests .com wearables, devices, and systems
  • Both .com and .mil data sources, and caregivers
  • SPEAR’s secure platform allows input of Protected Health Information (PHI), Sensitive and non-Sensitive data
    • Injury records
    • Mental health evaluations
    • Nutrient intake
    • Occupational skills
    • Daily activity
    • Risk and Exposure levels
  • Providing real-time updates, AI/ML-powered targeted prescriptive care and long-term insights

TITUS Human Performance Solutions has decades of experience in the field of Health and Human Performance. Having served clients in Population Health, USA Olympics, Professional and Collegiate sports, Protective Services and the U.S. Department of Defense, their suite of offerings covers specified testing, targeted training and intervention and outcomes tracking to ensure enhancement and sustainment of the human asset.


ADS offers various procurement channels to simplify the procurement process. Whether you have funding or need it, ADS is a prime on over 65 contracts, and has the power to move your requirement forward.

/// Distribution & Pricing Agreement (DAPA)

These schedules allow commands to purchase through the Prime Vendor Program with Owens and Minor and Cardinal Health. With 124 manufacturers and 3,827 products on schedule, ADS can provide extremely competitive pricing and provide readiness at reduced cost for your medical equipment and supply requirements.

/// Electronic Medical Catalog (ECAT)

ECAT is an online ordering, distribution, and payment system providing DoD

and other federal customers access to multiple manufacturer and distributor commercial catalogs at discounted prices. This highly efficient system enables deploying military units to rapidly acquire the full spectrum of products necessary to satisfy their requirements.

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///Tailored Logistic Supply Programs (TLSP)

We work with DLA every day. ADS is a participating vendor in the Special Operational Equipment (SOE) TLS program. This dynamic DLA contract offers all military services and federal agencies access to the latest commercial off-the- shelf equipment and incidental services.

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