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Portable X-Ray Tips for the VEO Operating Software

The military uses portable X-ray machines in the field and on military bases–where it’s impractical or costly to set up a stationary X-ray system. Vidisco USA’s technology has made portable X-ray solutions more affordable than ever before.

We can operate these types of cameras and their associated software within seconds of setting them up. With Vidisco’s video enhanced observation (VEO) software, your unit can operate your portable X-ray kit like an advanced version of night vision goggles—except instead of peering into blackness you will quickly discover whether or not everyday objects pose a threat. In this article, we offer several portable X-ray tips to use with any of Vidisco’s X-ray systems and VEO software.

What Is Video Enhanced Observation (VEO) Software?

VEO software is a specialized operating software that allows your unit to use a portable X-ray machine for everyday threat detection. Vidisco USA makes both X-ray cameras and the VEO software necessary to operate them comprehensively.

With the correct VEO setup, you can operate your portable X-ray camera from hundreds of feet away. This solution is lifesaving in scenarios where soldiers must analyze unknown terrain or objects that may pose a threat to safety.

How to Operate a Portable X-Ray Machine With VEO Software

Operating an X-ray machine may appear daunting until you know how simple it is. We’ll use Vidisco’s Guardian 17 System as an example. Here are the steps to follow:

  1. Open the X-ray kit and position all materials on the flattest surface available

  2. Position the scanner as close to the object you want x-ray as possible

  3. Open the computer and turn it on

  4. Click to scan and review the results

It’s that simple to locate potential threats inside everyday objects and adjust your mission accordingly. We can also operate Vidisco’s portable systems from remotely operated vehicles (ROVs), meaning soldiers don’t need to approach the suspicious object themselves if they’re unable or the risk is too great.

With the essentials of portable X-ray machines underway, it’s time to look at how they designed Vidisco’s mission-ready X-ray solutions to work with their VEO software.

Operate It Remotely for Faster Results

Arguably the greatest benefit of VEO-enabled X-ray systems is that they’re remotely operable. Vidisco’s systems generate results in three seconds or fewer, allowing soldiers to decide faster and issue new commands if need be.

You can also use Vidisco’s VEO software to zoom in on specific areas. It’s not always easy to tell what an object is when it’s placed inside another. What may appear like a grenade or improvised explosive device (IED) may be harmless, and patient analysis does a world of good.

Use All Three Operating Screens

Vidisco’s VEO software comes with three operating screens for straightforward use. The three operating screens are for capturing images, analyzing them, and reviewing what’s in your gallery. Here’s more about each operating screen:

You can also use Vidisco’s VEO software to view other crucial info such as your X-ray’s power supply levels, temperature, and the camera’s location. A Getac laptop comes with each of Vidisco’s portable X-rays, whether it’s the Guardian 12 Tactical System (which fits into a backpack) or the Defender 12 System which has a hardshell carrying case. The laptop ensures minimal bulk and power needs regardless of where you set your X-ray up.

Leverage VEO Filtering Features to Uncover Hard-to-Find Information

The VEO software comes with advanced filtering features to simplify visual analysis of objects. Without the filtering features, soldiers must rely on their experience with X-ray machines or be able to interpret findings on the fly.

Vidisco’s filtering features make it much easier to see parts of an object that aren’t otherwise noticeable. This improves soldiers’ situational awareness skills and limits the use of costly resources.

Utilize the Slider for Significantly Larger Objects

Need to examine the contents of a large object? Vidisco built their Slider Solution specifically for this purpose. The Slider can get up to 16 images in a single scan and is completely wireless.

Soldiers can carry it in a hardshell Pelican case and set it up within minutes for fast use. Vidisco’s VEO software works just as quickly and simply with the Slider as it does any of the Guardian and Defender systems.

The Bottom Line

Vidisco USA’s seamless combination of X-ray hardware and VEO software is perfect for soldiers stationed anywhere throughout the globe. Instead of traveling quickly through hostile terrain and hoping for the best, soldiers can discover threats before entire convoys or vehicles traverse the area.

Give your soldiers the best portable threat detection system available. Request a Vidisco quote today or reach out to us if you have questions.

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