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Military Simulations Training: Current and Future

Simulations within the Military has become a crucial tool that directly correlates to cost savings, reinforcement in fundamentals prior to live fire, and the likelihood of lives saved. Technology which supports simulations has come a long way since the Weaponeer, LaserHit, or even tools like dime & Washer drills which were designed to drill users on the fundamentals of marksmanship. The reality is that if there is a vehicle on the road, a piece of equipment, a trade requiring the manipulation of tools, Aircraft or anything which requires qualification such as Weapons and Vehicles within the Military, there is a Simulator for it. Simulations has become a crucial piece of military training through the use of immersive training programs which have an ability to physically --and virtually--test a Soldiers ability to qualify with assigned weapons systems and prepare them for combat situations.

While there are numerous simulations & training devices on the market for training & qualification, here are a few simulations solutions and their role in the industry currently.

Projection Based Simulations

Most utilized by the Military and Law Enforcement, projection-based simulations utilize a projector to cast an image onto a screen. Using an infrared laser-equipped simulated weapon, these systems use a hit detection camera to track infrared hits with each squeeze of the trigger. These training simulations are used to qualify individuals on their assigned weapons, instruct on reactions to simulated environments and train on escalation of force scenarios for both combat and law enforcement situations.

Currently, software has been developed to create projected environments which are intended to move you into the actual location where you would ultimately train or deploy. This immersion helps to reinforce training and build on muscle memory. It is important to also understand that with these types of simulations there are several training outcomes based on the individual, team and collective.

Individual training is normally set to one screen with concentration in qualification and situation-based simulations. Team training is an effort by two to three people with scenario or situation-based simulations and can be multi-screen with different weapon systems (individual weapons such as M-4, M-17, crew-served weapons such as M240B, M-2 .50cal, MK-19, mortars, shoulder launch weapons, or vehicle mounted crew-served weapons) or vehicle platforms added. The projection-based simulations may utilize more than one projector and multiple screens as an attempt to immerse the user even more. With audio and visual effects, the environment becomes more realistic. Collective training is a reference to multiple teams and again, different weapons systems and/or vehicle platform mockups.

These types of simulation systems have demonstrated a major cost savings for those that use them because they minimize the need for ammunition and deliver a much higher percentage of first-time qualifications. The ability to train with weapons in a controlled environment also allows for more one-on-one with instructors, helps to easily identify who may require more training, and allows for individuals to gain confidence in their weapons systems prior to live fire events. Simulations training systems are also supported and regulated annual requirements for most personnel that utilize this technology.

InVeris Training Solutions - FATS® 180MIL Virtual Training System

The FATS® 180 MIL Training System delivers high definition projection and 5.1 surround sound, increasing the realism of training as well as heightening awareness and proper use of force responses.

High definition imagery projected on every screen provides an immersive scenario to prepare trainees for effective decision-making within a safe, non-lethal environment

FATS, Immersive Three-Screen Simulator

Virtual Reality (VR) Simulations

New technology has brought the VR training world to the forefront. VR simulations training offers the ability to further reinforce potential scenarios by immersing a user into an environment where the outcome is both unpredictable and reaction based. VR training simulations are most often used by law enforcement to train officers on how to react to engagements and their decisions to escalate or deescalate a situation.

Removing an individual from their natural environment and placing them into a virtual reality removes any preexisting ideas of predictive outcome and immerses the user deeply into the scenario, allowing for some of the purest training. This is the future!

military training with virtual reality headset
InVeris Training Solutions - VR-DT "Verdict" Virtual Reality Training System

The VR-DT Virtual Reality Training System offers limitless scenarios is an immersive 3D experience.

With features such as scenario authoring, PTT/dynamic instructor-led communication and scalability of curriculum, the VR-DT branches into a new level of virtual training

Augmented Reality (AR) Simulations

Augmented Reality simulation training combines a virtual environments or scenarios with real physical materials, equipment and feedback. Currently this technology is being used for maintenance of certain equipment but will have an important role in individual, team and collective training in the future as it relates to direct military actions, including engagements with enemy avatars that can be dropped into the natural environment. The flexibility of AR allows for the user to train virtually anywhere.

InVeris Training Solutions - Mortar Simulator

The Mortar Simulator replicates the call for fire and includes High Explosive (HE), White Phosphorous (WP) and Illumination (ILLUM) simulated rounds.

Easily integrate mortar simulators into the FATS® 100MIL system providing comprehensive preparation and combat readiness

A Military Man Holding Mortar Simulator

Other Simulations

Mixed Reality (MR) – Maintenance Training

Vehicle Simulations – Military, Semi-Truck, Construction, Qualification,

Rotary Wing – Attack Aviation, MEDIVAC, Utility

Fixed Wing – Attack, Transport

Desk Top Simulations – Reinforcing Operational Processes

Through the implementation of simulations, the military can increase readiness and ensure safety in a controlled environment while also reducing financial strain.

At ADS Inc., the Category of Simulations and Training exists to find the latest and greatest technology, bring it to market, and offer it to the end user. InVeris Training Solutions Inc., is our champion, with past performance since 1984, having the longest and most respected track record for simulations of this kind.

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