Sharpshooters require perfect identification and aim. Tactical teams demand near-instant reaction times. And every soldier needs accurate eye movements to quickly assess any possible threats in a variety of dynamic environments.

The complex and sometimes life-threatening tasks executed by our servicemen and women depend on impeccable dynamic vision capabilities. That’s why innovations in dynamic vision and visual training are essential to the health, safety, and success of military operations.

What is Dynamic Vision?

Dynamic vision is different than static acuity or “20/20” vision. Just because an individual has good eyesight, does not mean they can track objects in motion well. Dynamic vision skills include eye-teaming, tracking, focusing, hand-eye coordination, predicting, and visual processing capabilities. Dynamic vision allows individuals to act in response to real-time, fast-moving changes in the surrounding environment.

According to health technology company RightEye, some common activities that require dynamic vision include:

  • Military and law enforcement activities such as clearing a building, identifying threats, and other forms of critical decision making
  • Tasks requiring hand-eye coordination
  • Walking, navigating, and driving a vehicle
  • Reading and learning
  • Athletic performance
  • Rapid object tracking

Dynamic vision can be improved with the proper training. By developing these visual skills, individuals can improve reaction speed, decision making, information processing, and more.

Dynamic Vision Training System

Dynamic Vision Training Systems and Testing Solutions in the Military

Military personnel are continuously training their bodies for combat through drills and exercise. While often overlooked, the eyes should always be included in military training regimens.

By actively incorporating vision testing and training systems into military training, troops can improve their dynamic vision and prepare their oculomotor skills for combat. Dynamic vision is crucial in these high-risk situations that require split-second decision making and processing.

Dynamic vision training systems also provide high-quality vision testing and treatment for military members who may have undergone injuries like concussions or other visually impairing incidents.

These automated, objective technologies can target vision-specific areas such as:

  • Ocular-motor skills, or following moving objects
  • Vestibular function, or maintaining a stable gaze
  • Vergence function, or adjusting focus depending on the distance
  • Peripheral awareness, or responding to visual clues on the edge of your field of vision
  • Contrast sensitivity, or determining the difference between light and dark shades

Vision testing and training systems like RightEye measure and improve dynamic vision capabilities through eye-tracking technology, data collection, and testing modules.

RightEye, Inc. – Vision System™ Solution

The  RightEye Vision System™ is an FDA-cleared device designed to improve a warfighter’s dynamic vision. The vision system tests, records, and analyzes eye movement patterns, providing a full understanding of an individual’s visual health.

RightEye can analyze a dozen measures per millisecond and determine gaps between where a user’s eyes are looking and where they should be looking.

With this information, military members can work to improve these eye movement patterns. When split-second visual decisions are a matter of life or death, the right eye movement patterns help keep missions safe.

The dynamic vision system’s customizable exercises train military members’ oculomotor skills, and its vision assessments assist in the design of vision treatment programs.

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