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How Mustang Survival's Water Rescue Suits Keep You Warm

When your assignments involve repeatedly going into freezing water, staying warm is a must. Fortunately, Mustang Survival’s water and ice rescue suits have you covered. Mustang’s industry-leading emergency preparedness suits offer maximum mobility and visual awareness regardless of the temperature or environmental obstacles you’re dealing with.

Their water rescue suits are marked by specific characteristics that keep you safe and active at all times during an operation, no matter how arduous it may become. Keep reading to discover the top three reasons to rely on Mustang Survival water and ice rescue suits.

How to Choose the Best Water Rescue Suits for Military Operations

Before you dive into the details of Mustang’s water rescue suits, it’s important to understand what factors to look for in rescue suits as a whole. For starters, think about the climate your unit is operating out of and the local environmental conditions.

Are you working near an offshore oil rig in a severely cold climate? Or are you performing a water rescue in a tropical setting? Assessing the conditions under which your unit is deployed helps you decide whether you need ice-ready suits or regular water rescue suits.

1. Flexible Neoprene That Doesn't Overheat, Even In Ice Rescue Suits

Neoprene is a lightweight, durable, synthetic rubber that is used to make flexible diving and rescue suits. Mustang Survival’s water rescue suits like the SentinelTM use a high-performance neoprene blend that offers an impeccable balance between body heat retention and not overheating.

You don’t want an ice rescue suit that traps too much heat and induces extreme sweating, but you also can’t afford to have too low of a body temperature. Neoprene is a versatile material that doesn’t overheat you, even when working in the coldest of environments.

They design some rescue suits to keep the wearer warm while others are better at keeping you dry. Mustang’s suits accomplish both. Time is of the essence in military rescue operations and there’s little to no flexibility to change gear last minute.

2. Watertight Face and Ankle Seals

In addition to being made of neoprene, Mustang Survival’s high-performance water rescue suits have waterproof face and ankle seals to keep soldiers dry when it matters most. Full coverage is essential for rescuers that must submerge their entire body multiple times to complete their mission.

Mustang’s face seals are completely attached to the suits to ensure facial protection won’t be compromised in the most punishing of environments. The fit is also customizable to provide maximum visibility regardless of the soldier wearing it.

3. Reinforced Knees and Rubber Soles

Mustang’s water and ice rescue suits also have reinforced knees which increases flexibility and stability when kneeling on algae-covered rocks and other slippery surfaces. Kneecap rubber reinforcement also lessens the likelihood that any water leaks into the suit where physical movement poses the greatest risk of rescue suit material rupture.

The suits’ rubber soles provide protection against sharp objects and minimize the probability of underwater injury. Mustang’s rubber soles are also durable yet flexible, just like the reinforced kneecaps.

Stiff rubber soles are more likely to protect you against sharp objects but don’t offer the range of movement needed to squeeze into tight crevices and small spaces. That's why every part of Mustang’s ice and water rescue suits are designed for superior performance without compromising bodily comfort.

4. Tactical Inflatable Side Pouch

While rigorous training is par for the course in the military, sometimes missions don’t go as planned. That’s why water rescue staff rely on Mustang’s Tactical Inflatable Side Pouch which makes use of hydrostatic inflator technology (HIT) for emergency flotation needs.

These pouches automatically detect the difference between humidity of rain and being submerged in water. As soon as the pouch is submerged in four inches of water or more, it automatically inflates and brings the water rescue suit wearer to the surface.

5. RATIS™ Life Preservation Unit (LPU)

Mustang Survival makes a top-performing water rescue suit, but that’s not all they bring to the table. Their RATIS™ Next Generation LPU (life preserver unit) is a revolutionized way of thinking about and approaching the need for in-field life preservation.

Weighing only one pound while inactive, and offering 40 pounds of buoyancy while active, the RATIS™ LPU is the smallest military-grade life preserver on the market. Military staff noticed traditional LPUs are too bulky, which hinders performance and autonomy when it’s needed most.

Mustang’s LPU attaches conveniently to almost any armor carrier, provides full head mobility, and comes with a programmable automatic inflator. This device allows soldiers to pre-program their LPU to inflate after a specific time, depth of being submerged, or both.

The Bottom Line

When you’re in the field performing water rescues, you need to stay dry and mobile with a clear field of vision. Mustang Survival’s superior quality water and ice rescue suits provide these benefits thanks to their proprietary designs and industry-best materials.

Mustang Survival is among the best options for any military staff member regularly performing high-stakes or severe environment rescues. Request a Mustang quote now or message us with any questions you may have.

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