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How L3Harris Solutions Help Soldiers Operate at Maximum Efficiency

One of the most important factors in any military operation is communication. Without powerful and reliable means to communicate critical facts in a matter of seconds, soldiers are left guessing or making decisions based on incomplete information.

L3Harris (L3) exists to resolve that problem. They are an agile technology and communications solutions leader in the civil, commercial, and defense industries. L3 produces a range of command and control, night vision, and autonomous systems.

In this blog post, we explore a few of these solutions, with an emphasis on L3’s night vision technology. First, let’s look at what a command and control system is.

What Is a Command and Control System?

A command and control system (C&C system) is a computer-based system that provides real-time information and communication (RTIC) between soldiers, commanders, and military staff. C&C systems consist of hardware, software, and communication networks.

C&C systems help military units operate at maximum efficiency by streamlining communication. Combined with other battlefield technology, such as unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), location-based services, and night vision solutions, a C&C system reduces the risk of friendly fire incidents and increases unit safety.

L3Harris researches, designs, tests, improves, and offers industry-leading C&C systems, which can also integrate with their autonomous system and electronic warfare offerings. L3’s C&C systems are secure, operable in locked-down environments, and feature high-security protocols.

This makes their systems the perfect fit for their night vision equipment. Let’s look at L3Harris’s leading night vision binoculars and what sets them apart.

L3Harris’s Night Vision Solutions

Night vision binoculars (NVBs) are the vision enhancement solution of choice for nighttime and low-light military operations. This technology uses an infrared light source to illuminate a soldier’s environment and displays the visuals either via the lenses or monitors.

An NVB system is comprised of several key parts:

Night Vision Product Highlights

L3Harris creates different night vision equipment and accessories for disparate scenarios. Here are three notable product examples:


When your entire unit needs night vision, the 1531 is the solution. The BNVD-1531 comes with an integrated infrared (IR) illuminator to assist nighttime map reading and third-generation I2 tubes which minimizes the risk of damage in high-light environments.

Ruggedized Ultra-Light Rangefinder

Designed for snipers, the Ruggedized Ultra-Light Rangefinder (RULR) is a high-performance rangefinder that can be wirelessly and remotely activated. This rapid-zeroing rangefinder has a visible boresight laser and can be operated either by hand or mounted on a long gun.

AN/PVS-15 M953 Night Vision Binocular

If your unit faces a mission where depth perception is of the utmost importance, look no further than L3’s AN/PVS-15 M953 Night Vision Binocular. This third-generation, cutting-edge product is completely hands-free and operates as a self-contained unit via a single AA battery. The AN/PVS-15 M953’s twin tube design comes with automatic brightness control and is designed to support missions involving vehicle operation, amphibious terrain, and assaults.

Collecting—and Communicating—Mission-Critical Information

Communication in critical situations is one of the key problems solved by both C&C systems and NVBs. Both types of technology help military units maintain synchronized contact and quickly share commands.

When something goes wrong, units need to be able to identify causes and rapidly implement responses. L3’s Ground Panoramic Night Vision Goggles (GPNVG) provide a 97-degree, horizontal field of view that simplifies target identification in low light conditions.

NVGs and related equipment maximize the chances of discovering mission-critical information and communicating it. Goggles like L3Harris’ AN/PVS-31C (BNVD) help units collect information like enemy locations, weather conditions, and type of terrain.

Such data can help units make better decisions, avoid potential hazards, and achieve mission success. L3’s C&C systems automatically collect data from sensors and other devices, process it, and display the data on a computer or laptop.

L3Harris at Warrior East

L3Harris is also one of the brands at ADS’ annual Warrior East conference–a showcase of top military equipment suppliers. At the conference, L3—and other vendors—get the chance to connect with the end users of their products, like Special Operations Command (SOCOM) staff, naval officers, Fort Bragg officers, and satellite communication (SATCOM) professionals.

L3Harris has worked with ADS for many years on projects ranging from tactical radio needs to SOCOM technology and beyond.

The Bottom Line

Both C&C systems and NVGs help military units operate more efficiently by streamlining communication, facilitating information collection, and improving in-field adaptability. L3Harris’ night vision binoculars are the cream of the crop for all of your units’ toughest mission needs. Get a quote from us today for L3 products, or send us a message if you have detailed questions.

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