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How Fuel Bladders and Tanks Help Soldiers in Arid Environments

The ability to remain hydrated is one of the most important military personnel needs—in all conditions and environments. Without water, a person can last up to three days at best before experiencing severe hydration or death. Even in less dire circumstances, dehydration creates a series of negative effects on the body, including impaired cognitive abilities and weakened immunity.

Much of the world has arid environments with little readily available water. Soldiers in these regions need reliable drinking water storage methods that hold enough liquid for several days at a time.

Military fuel bladders are one such method that troops use to store large amounts of liquid fuel at once. A military tactical water storage tank is another way to store large amounts of water without taking up the same space or weight as normal canteens.

HDT Global makes it easy to store both water and fuel regardless of the scope of your mission. To understand why these solutions are so valuable, let’s first examine what military fuel bladders are and how they work.

What Is a Military Fuel Bladder?

A military fuel bladder is an externally mounted storage tank that is used to store and transport large quantities of liquids and/or gasses. Fuel bladders come in a variety of capacities and are often color-coded or striped to simplify identification once they’re needed.

Military bladders are also used to store water, both potable and non-potable. HDT offers two main types of water bladders—flexible onion tanks and heavy-duty bladders. The former is designed for water storage at scale, whereas the latter is intended for in-field usage or during emergencies.

How Do Military Fuel Bladders Work?

A military fuel bladder stores a liquid or gas inside a tank that is mounted to the outside of a soldier’s pack or other equipment. The bladder is designed to expand or contract depending on the amount of liquid inside, so it won’t burst when filled to capacity.

Military personnel use bladders to store enough fuel for brief missions, especially when stationed remotely. We can fill large-capacity bladders with enough fuel to supply an entire unit for one week or more. This makes it easy to refuel various vehicles and tools without frequent exits and re-entries to military outposts.

What Is a Tactical Water Storage Tank?

A tactical water storage tank is a large-capacity bladder designed to store enough water for several soldiers for one week or more. We usually secure the water storage tank near an outpost tent, mounted on a vehicle, or attached to an isolation (ISO) shelter.

Tactical water storage tanks are used to collect and store water from rivers and lakes, making it easier to survive in dry regions. Some tanks can even be purposed to collect and filter water from the air.

How Are Storage Tanks Similar to Fuel Bladders?

Water storage tanks and military fuel bladders are both external liquid storage devices. We usually mount a fuel bladder on a vehicle or other large piece of equipment, while a water tank or bladder stores water on a soldier’s molle gear or recce kit for easy portability.

We mount most types of bladders to the outside of a soldier’s pack or other gear, but we can place some inside a rucksack or another container. Both types of liquid storage solutions minimize the travel soldiers need to engage in and allow units to remain stationed for longer periods of time.

What Problems Do Tactical Water Storage Tanks Solve?

Tactical water storage tanks simplify military units’ efforts to execute remote missions or assignments in arid environments. Without the means to store a lot of water away from normal sources, soldiers are forced to move in and out of camp frequently.

They station many US military units in dry environments miles away from rivers, creeks, and lakes. In order to survive, these units collect large volumes of water that are stored on-site for a week or more at a time. This way, soldiers can focus on the mission at hand without concern for basic survival needs.

Fuel of All Kinds When You Need It Most

Military fuel bladders and tactical water storage tanks are crucial ways to store large quantities of essential liquids. Water bladders can be filled with water from nearby lakes or rivers and purified with HDT’s Lightweight Water Purification System. Fuel bladders allow soldiers to execute missions seamlessly, no matter the location or intensity of their assignment.

HDT Global has everything remotely stationed units need, from military fuel bladders and purification systems to portable shelters and command and control centers.

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