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How ESS’ Eyewear Offers Superior Vision Protection

Military personnel face volatile circumstances while serving, and some active duty members have to face situations where gunfire and shrapnel are flying in numerous directions on a regular basis. Without proper eyewear, it’s only a matter of time before a major injury occurs.

Eye Safety Systems (ESS) produces the most durable, military-grade eyewear in the world. From law enforcement and fire rescue to the military and beyond, ESS’s entire product line is designed for the toughest environments. Keep reading to learn more about leading ESS use cases and defining features.

ESS Brand Overview

ESS is an end-to-end eyewear line built with the most demanding military and first responder applications in mind. The company produces eyewear suitable for the Navy, pilots, snipers, extreme weather, frontline soldiers, and emergency circumstances.

ESS’s products aren’t just made with the right materials, though. They pass rigorous American National Standards Institute (ANSI) and military performance tests too, including the ANSI Z87.1-2015 specifications.

Military units purchase goods based on performance test results, and ESS meets and exceeds all such tests. Since ESS products are robust enough for the military, this means they work great for first responders, police, and firefighters too.

Company Background

ESS began as an independent eyewear provider in 1998 and has since been acquired by Oakley, Inc. Now, ESS’s Foothill Ranch, CA, factory is a specialized branch of Oakley, while the company’s corporate office remains in Hailey, ID.

The company’s early products included goggles and they’ve since gone on to produce ICE eyeshields, Authorized Protective Eyewear List (APEL) goggles, and high-performance sunglasses.

Definitive Characteristics

Even in the military, eyewear is anything but new. Soldiers have been wearing protective gear for decades, so what makes ESS anything special? Plenty, as it turns out.

ESS is an industry leader when it comes to protecting a wearer’s eyesight. There are numerous functionality requirements for any ESS product to ensure it withstands real-world use. Here are a few of them:

  • Projectiles can be shot at 724ft/second at ESS eyewear and the projectile won’t penetrate the lenses. Such defensive reliability is critical in dozens of combat and high-risk user scenarios.

  • ESS gear is 100% optically correct, meaning the wearer doesn’t experience any visual distortion while using the unit. Everything viewed in front of ESS eyewear is exactly how it would appear without wearing ESS.

  • The eyewear does not generate any eye strain or headaches. This is possible through superior quality lens materials and rigorous product testing.

The Warrior East Benefit

As one of ADS’ partners, ESS has benefited from their presence at Warrior East–ADS’ annual supplier showcase. ESS staff gets to interact with individuals in the Navy, Air Force, Marines, Coast Guard, local police, state police, and police staff from nearby states.

ESS often strikes up conversations with these individuals to find out if they’re using their gear or not. This provides the company with a perfect opportunity to demonstrate use cases and introduce prospects to perfect solutions.

ESS Catalog Highlights

One of ESS’ signature offerings is their CrossBlade LPL-5 for Visible Light Laser Protection. The CrossBlade lens is ESS’ newest and most advanced eyeshield and is designed to prevent retina damage as a result of lasers pointed straight at the eye.

Most modern military equipment shoots non-visible lasers, however, so ESS also makes eyewear that offers non-visible laser protection.

ESS began receiving frequent feedback from soldiers that their ears hurt when they wore eyewear with audio headsets on. As a result, they now offer the ESS CrossBow Suppressor–their first product designed to be used in conjunction with ear cup hearing protection.

Superior Protection for Maximum Accuracy

It’s often unsung heroes that lead to success in the most pressing of circumstances. ESS eyewear is one such hero, bringing battle-tested vision protection solutions to frontline professionals in high-conflict industries.

View all of ESS’s products carried by us or request a quote if you’re ready to hear more. If you’ve already ordered, you can check your order status at any time. Any questions that can’t be answered with the above resources? Contact us at any time; we’re honored to be of service.

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