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How Avon Gas Masks Keep Our Soldiers Safe

Serving in the military or on the frontlines of your industry means you can face unknown circumstances at any given time. That’s why your gear must match your personal readiness, including situations involving chemical, biological, radiological, and nuclear (CBRN) agents.

Avon gas masks are a top-tier selection for soldiers, prison staff, correctional officers, and first responders. Keep reading to learn more about their best-in-class performance features.

Why Avon Gas Masks are a Cut Above the Rest

Soldiers and first responders engage with environments that pose severe safety and health risks on a regular basis. Structural collapses, improvised explosive devices (IEDs), enemy targets, and more may all generate chemicals and gases that prove fatal if ingested.

That’s where Avon gas masks come in. This high-performance line of gas masks is built with unpredictable environments in mind. Avon also has powerful add-ons for a wide range of mission needs and variables. Let’s look at the structural components that make Avon so dependable.

Rubber Silicone Composition

Avon gas masks are made of a rubber silicone mixture, which is the best of both worlds. Operators rely on the rubber’s tough, waterproof characteristics and the silicon’s simultaneous wearability.

A gas mask needs to offer a complete seal around the face in order to work properly, and Avon offers exactly this. The C50 mask is Avon’s standard selection, but other options like the M53A1 mask suit even more demanding environments, such as those containing radioactive dust.

Avon Visor Features

Clear visibility on the ground is a must for the military and first responders. Every Avon gas mask comes with durable, panoramic, single-lens visor. Lower quality manufacturers produce visors that generate visual distortion, which means the operator experiences blurred or fuzzy surroundings. Avon visors are optically correct, meaning users see their surroundings exactly as they would with no protective gear.

Avon visors are also scratch- and impact-resistant, so when operators get struck in the face or experience turbulence, there’s no concern about the mask breaking. Execute your mission, capture enemy combatants, and get in and out of any environment with full visibility.

Usability Features

Though comfort is typically last on a soldier or serviceperson’s mind, it helps to know Avon gas masks have specific comfort features. Avon produces masks in three face sizes for improved fit, which makes a night-and-day difference in demanding circumstances.

The masks’ seal includes a low profile brow which makes it easier to wear a helmet if needed. A combination of face, breathing, and head protection ensures your regiment is nearly indestructible.

Communications Features

Communicating with fellow servicepeople and targets is difficult with a gas mask on. That’s why Avon built in a front-mounted exhale valve that permits clear speech. If you know you’re heading into noisy or chaotic environments, include Avon’s voice projection unit (VPU).

The VPU snaps onto the front of the exhale valve and provides extra volume when needed. Note that the VPU will not work without purchasing the in-mask microphone. You can also connect external communication systems such as a public address (PA) system to the mask if needed.

Breathability Features

Gas masks are most useful not only in keeping harmful substances out, but clean air in. Avon’s technology includes de-misting properties and low re-breathed CO2, offering peace of mind no matter how dense the air is.

Avon gas masks also minimize inhalation resistance and heat build-up while being worn. Maximum visibility and mission readiness is essential for any circumstance.

Avon Accessories

The Avon product line includes accessories designed to make spontaneous mission demands just as successful as regular ones. Use the breach outsert for vision protection when utilizing a cutting torch or the sunlight outsert for desert and outdoor missions.

Add the F90 ballistic helmet to your gear supply for overhead protection or hot conflict regions. Grab a few extra CFP100 filters so your regiment is never breathing contaminated air.

Avon: Gas Masks You Can Count On

If you’ve ever been on an assignment with less-than-ideal equipment, you know how big of a difference it makes. Instead of focusing on your mission, you’re concerned about chemical threats or environmental hazards.

Avon gas masks lay those concerns to rest. Request a quote for your battalion or contact us if you have different kinds of questions. We are honored to serve a variety of professionals and look forward to hearing from you.

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