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How Augmented Reality from InVeris Is Revolutionizing Police Training

Before you conjure up images of flying blue monkeys or masked villains, know that actual augmented reality (AR) is much more realistic. AR is a technology that overlays digital objects onto a user’s view of the real world. Its cousin, virtual reality (VR), generates realistic images and environments that are used to better understand real-world scenarios.

Whether AR is experienced through smartphone cameras or specialized glasses, both devices can recognize specific markers and display an alternate, semi-virtual world in relation to those markers. In the case of police officers, AR can be used to enhance law enforcement skills thanks to InVeris’ industry-leading technology.

From providing virtual visualization of a suspect’s home based on their social media profile to generating lifelike scenarios of armed assailants, InVeris’ AR and VR assists officers in avoiding danger and capturing criminals with minimal risk to their safety. Here are three examples of InVeris Training Solutions’ applications for police officers.

Develop Conflict Deescalation Skills

When police officers encounter an armed suspect, the situation can get dangerous quickly. Officers may not react quickly enough or recognize the type of weapon being brandished, which hinders their ability to defuse the situation and put themselves at less risk.

Programs like InVeris’ FATS® 300LE Immersive Training System strengthen officers’ situational awareness skills in true-to-life scenarios so they can respond appropriately. The 300LE provides 1,250 video scenarios officers use to de-escalate conflicts, improve marksmanship, and simulate unexpected threats–all with a 300° view and theater-level surround sound.

Practice Situational Awareness and Environmental Virtual Visualization

Another way police officers can use InVeris Training Solutions' AR is for situational awareness and environmental visualization. InVeris’ See, Rehearse, and Collectively Experience (SRCE) AR tool is an excellent way to create a digital replica of any real-world scenario that you or your officers can or will face in the near future.

Such a setup allows officers to practice de-escalation and critical response techniques in a zero-risk environment and then apply those skills to real-life situations. For example, a police department can create a detailed virtual landscape of a suicidal individual on a bridge, family members experiencing domestic violence, or an armed and hostile combatant.

Officers then move through the scene the same way they would in real life, speaking with suspects, taking action, and testing the impact of virtual weapons. They may receive feedback in real-time or after the scenario has played out.

SRCE is also useful for virtually touring generalized mockups of a suspect’s home. Officers can recreate a crime scene or the inside of a suspect’s home based on photos and information gathered from social media posts. If police are investigating a homicide, they can use InVeris’ realistic scenario library to reconstruct the scene as closely as possible, based on the information they have available.

Improve Marksmanship With Realistic Targets and Scenarios

In scenarios where police officers need to use force, it’s critical to have excellent marksmanship. InVeris Training Solutions offers the FATS® 180LE Virtual Training System, a resource officers use to strengthen their armed conflict skills.

The 180LE is similar to the 300LE with its 5.1 surround sound, transportable and reconfigurable racks, and a high-accuracy hit detection system. Officers can practice with 20 simulated weapons, offering sophisticated readiness for today’s most complex law enforcement circumstances.

InVeris’ BlueFire® Weapon Simulators (LEO) is another great tool for practicing the real-time use of simulated live weapons. Whether the situation calls for a taser, handgun, pepper spray, or rifle, BlueFire® gives officers everything they need to see how accurate they are with various subjects.

The Bottom Line

InVeris’ AR is a useful tool for police officers, but it’s important to use it correctly. Officers should train with the technology in a controlled environment to ensure they understand how it works and how to properly integrate it into their work.

In spite of an increasingly complex and demanding world for law enforcement, InVeris Training Solutions helps police officers do their jobs more effectively, improve communication, and reduce injuries due to accidents during training. Request a quote for InVeris supplies or contact us to learn more.

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