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Fly in the Dark with Performance Drone Works’ Sparo 20

Finding equipment that matches increasingly demanding military assignments is easier said than done. Drones are a perfect example: they must function without succumbing to variables like strong winds, hazardous terrain, and spaces too small for humans to fit through.

Performance Drone Works’ Sparo 20 drone is a small, high-performance unmanned aircraft system (sUAS) built to navigate the night without being detected. Sparo 20 even folds into a wearable pouch that attaches to a vest or molle gear for easier access.

Let’s take a closer look at why the Sparo 20 flies ahead of the competition.

What Is The Sparo 20 Drone?

The Sparo 20 drone (S20) is a lightweight, autonomous, universal payload-enabled drone. It comes with an AES-256 encrypted link for secure communication, a 2-axis gimbal for reliable day and night operation, and a battery life lasting up to 60 minutes.

Urban warfare is remarkably complex and ever-evolving. For combatants engaging in ongoing intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance missions (ISR), the S20 is an invaluable means by which to stay one step ahead.

The S20 is a precision-built unit for mission applications ranging from everyday needs to stealth operations. It can reach flight speeds of 35 miles per hour and travel up to three miles.

S20s are so powerful that they can operate in GPS-denied environments as well. They accomplish this through simultaneous localization and mapping (SLAM), which is powered by object detection and visual-inertial odometry.

Visual inertial odometry is the technical term for measuring drone speed and the S20’s current calculated position against offline data stored in the drone. This feature means the S20 is functional in environments other drones are not simply because of its programming.

When it comes to mission applications, the S20 can carry 750g payloads with a 2:1 thrust-weight ratio, generating twice as much forward thrust compared to its weight, which is only 3lbs.

Unparalleled Night Flying Capabilities

The Sparo 20’s defining feature is its zero-light vision and collision avoidance capabilities. Many drones can only operate in daylight or require lights to operate in dimly lit environments. The S20’s visually autonomous system allows it to detect objects in its surroundings automatically and prevent crashes.

The S20 comes equipped with both a Sony IMX412 60Hz and LWIR 30Hz or 60Hz Boson 320 camera. These electro-optical/infrared (EO/IR) cameras can spot human targets in distant locations with ease.

Soldiers may use the Perch and Stare mode for covert observation of enemy movements, utilizing the drone’s camera and nighttime vision without constant drone flight.

Operating the Sparo 20

The S20 is operated via CTRL – a fully wearable, tactical control system for operating various robotic devices. CTRL can be used while wearing heavy gloves and doesn't impede soldiers’ movement in the field.

CTRL is Android Team Awareness Kit-enabled (ATAK). ATAK is a situational awareness and tactical execution application for various mission needs. With ATAK, soldiers can view 3D maps, pull real-time data, target enemy combatants, and coordinate drone movements and operations from a device no larger than a smartphone.

CTRL isn’t limited to drone usage, either. Soldiers can configure radio systems for additional means of communication as well as connect NettWarrior, another combat-ready situational awareness application.

Take Flight With the Sparo 20

No mission is too complex, demanding, or dark for the Sparo 20. Learn more about Performance Drone Works’ additional sUAS technology today or request a quote for customized information.

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