With the growing number of maritime assault engagements, the need for buoyant, ballistic plate carriers is becoming a “must have” in the maritime community. FirstSpear™ has made use of several decades of acquired operational experience in maritime operations to develop a complete kit for utilization of a ballistic armor plate carrier in an operational maritime profile.

There are multiple factors to consider when developing equipment for the maritime assault mission. In addition to the usual threats posed by a hostile environment, operators must also take in to account the risks of drowning and hypothermia. When addressing the requirements posed by the U.S. Navy, FirstSpear™ analyzed the needs and mission requirements from multiple angles to offer true maritime-integrated capabilities.

The result is a highly water-resistant ballistic plate carrier composed of lightweight materials that are easy to wear and adjust. This system offers full flexibility and enhanced safety for operations in the maritime environment. The carrier addresses the drowning issue with buoyancy compensation inserts that help maintain a slightly neutral capability while transporting a basic equipment load. Utilizing the latest in FirstSpear™ technologies, including the 6/12™ pocket attachment system and TUBES™, this is a state of the art capability designed to support maritime assault operations.

FirstSpear‘s™ core mission is to support the people that risk everything for our country and freedoms. What is integrated into the FirstSpear™ line is reflective of constant dialogue with users that are on the very tip of the spear. FirstSpear™ achieves this relationship by putting complete focus on the end-user’s needs and their overarching requirements. Each subcomponent of the overall system integrates field feedback from concept development, through rapid prototyping and ultimately production and delivery. Impact to the overall weight, form, function and durability is considered in every detail down to fabric and hardware selection.

ADS is proud to partner with FirstSpear™. They have created hundreds of new products, designed to cater to the needs of our specialized customers, and they share our core value of putting the operator's mission first. Their products provides a solution that addresses a much-needed capability by developing equipment that is lighter and more capable without sacrificing durability and function. In a nutshell, if you want the best in lethality and survivability, you can count on FirstSpear™ to get it done.

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