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Exceed ACFT Standards with BeaverFit’s Training Solutions

The U.S. Army is abuzz as their new physical fitness test is finally being revealed after years of preparation. The Army Combat Fitness Test is the U.S. Army’s physical readiness assessment for all soldiers, both active and reserve. Under development since 2013, the Army just launched the ACFT on April 1, 2022.

To properly prepare for the ACFT, servicemembers and fresh recruits need to understand the new guidelines they’ll have to pass to be combat-ready.

Keep reading to learn more about the new readiness assessment and how soldiers can excel during their tests.

ACFT Fitness Events

There are six fitness events each soldier must complete in the ACFT: Three Repetition Maximum Deadlift, Standing Power Throw, Hand Release Push-Up – Arm Extension, Sprint-Drag-Carry, Plank, and Two-Mile Run. Let's look at each event in detail.

Three Repetition Maximum Deadlift (MDL)

The Maximum Deadlift assesses the muscular strength of a soldier’s lower body, grip, and core, as well as their overall balance and flexibility. Well-conditioned back and leg muscles help soldiers avoid hip, knee, and lower back injuries when conducing MDLs.

Using a hexagon or trap bar with plates, soldiers grasp the center of the handles with arms fully extended, back flat, and their head in line with the spinal column. On “Go,” soldiers extend their hips and knees to lift the bar. After a slight pause at the top of the lift, soldiers then lower the bar under control while maintaining the flat back position.

Soldiers must execute three continuous reps with the same weight.

Standing Power Throw (SPT)

The Standing Power Throw assess a soldier’s ability to generate quick, explosive movements with their upper and lower body by throwing a medicine ball over the back of their heads.

Grasping the ball at hip level with both heels shoulder-width apart, the soldier lowers the ball between their legs and explodes upwards to release the ball over their head. Soldiers have two attempts to throw, but only their longest attempt will be recorded.

Hand Release Push-Up – Arm Extension (HRP)

The Hand Release Push-Up – Arm Extension measures muscular endurance by testing a soldier’s upper body endurance. While flexibility is a secondary component of the HRP test, upper body and core strength will do most of the work in this assessment.

HRPs are, essentially, a standard push-up. Soldiers start the test with both hands flat on the ground about shoulder-width apart. On “Go,” soldiers push their whole body up by fully extending their elbows before bending their elbows to lower themselves back to the ground. The chest, hips, and thighs should touch down at the same time.

Sprint-Drag-Carry (SDC)

The Sprint-Drag-Carry event tests the soldier’s muscular endurance, muscular strength, anaerobic power, and anaerobic endurance by measuring their ability to hold moderate to high intensity work over a short period.

The SDC is a complex test involving sprints, a weighted sled, kettlebells, and lateral movements. Using two lines spaced 25 meters apart, soldiers will sprint up and back, pull the sled backwards up and back, perform laterals up and back, carry two 40-pound kettlebells up and back, and round out the exercise with a final sprint up and back. Although the training area is only 25 meters long, soldiers will cover a total of 250 meters during the test.


Planks are a perfect way to strengthen the core, so it’s no surprise to find this exercise on the updated ACFT.

With hands and forearms flat on the ground, soldiers lift both knees off the ground and move their hips into a straight line with the legs, shoulders, and head. The test lasts as long as the soldier does – time is stopped once any part of the body besides the feet, forearms, or fists touch the ground, or once the straight-line position is broken.

Two-Mile Run

The final ACFT assessment is a timed two-mile run to measure the soldier’s aerobic endurance.

There’s not much to explain about a two-mile run (soldiers simply run on a paved track for two miles), but the soldier’s timing could be the difference between landing a “heavy,” “significant,” or “moderate” job:

Sound intimidating? Don’t worry – ADS, Inc. has partnered with BeaverFit USA to bring the latest and greatest ACFT training equipment to market. BeaverFit’s human performance and special operations solutions helps soldiers not just pass the ACFT, but also exceed its standards.

ACFT Prep with BeaverFit

BeaverFit is one of only two official providers of ACFT equipment kits and has manufactured over 23,000 lanes of ACFT equipment to date.

ACFT Storage Lockers

For a complete ACFT training package, look no further than BeaverFit’s ACFT Storage Locker.

The ACFT Storage Lockers include customized internal shelving designed specifically to hold exact ACFT equipment load outs. These lockers enable Army Units and Commands to maintain inventory and ensure total asset visibility and control for their ACFT equipment safely and properly.

ACFT Storage Lockers come in multiple sizes to accommodate units of any size:

  • Shred Shed: 2 lanes
  • 10’ Locker: 6 lanes
  • 20’ Locker: 10 or 16 lanes (depending on storage format)
  • 40’ Locker: 20 lanes

ACFT Storage Locker Features:

  • Custom fabricated internal shelving and storage specifically designed for ACFT equipment
  • Full lane of ACFT equipment for the size purchased
  • Portable bumper plate trees, industrial dolly, and removable ramp for easy loading
  • Lockable doors for increased security

Army Performance Lockers

BeaverFit’s Army Performance Lockers are an upgrade from their standard Performance Locker that are custom-made to anchor additional functional training rigs for a complete workout.

Army Performance Lockers are free standing and certified air portable structures that provide secure internal storage capabilities for every day exercising as well as for the equipment necessary to train for the ACFT.

These lockers come in multiple sizes with various pieces of equipment depending on how large the container is. Army Performance Lockers are available in the following sizes:

  • 8’ Locker
  • 10’ Locker
  • 20’ Locker
  • 40’ Locker

Army Performance Locker Features:

  • Integrated, lockable internal storage
  • Superior weatherproofing with MIL-SPEC powder coating to prevent corrosion.
  • Industry-leading 3x3 7-gauge steel rigging
  • Made in the USA
  • White Glove installation available
  • Available upgrades include shelter and equipment packages
  • Ability to connect multiple lockers with rigging and/or shelters

Everything You Need to Crush the ACFT

It’s our mission to equip servicemen and women with the highest caliber equipment and training solutions available.

Our partnership with BeaverFit USA provides U.S. Army units with everything they need to prepare for and surpass the newly upgraded ACFT assessment.

Request a quote or contact us today to learn more about our training solutions.

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