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Physical therapy is an essential part of military health and physical maintenance.

Military physical therapists serve as direct, on-call resources for a wide range of situations involving military personnel or other individuals in need--ranging from emergency to preventative care.

In a paper published in the Physical Therapy & Rehabilitation Journal, the authors describe the benefits of military physical therapy in the following terms:

“Obviously, combat is not an athletic pursuit; however, the construct of treating service members as athletes provides many strategic advantages. Specifically, treating service members as tactical athletes provides a value model for preventing and treating musculoskeletal injuries closer to the point and time of injury.”

The Value of Military Physical Therapy

Physical therapy efforts in the military enable soldiers to perform their best, minimize potential injury, and recover from existing injury.

Military physical therapy also works to reduce excess costs of evacuation or emergency care in the case of battlefield injury. In fact, $548 million dollars were spent in 2007 alone on medical visits and hospitalization for soldiers who suffered musculoskeletal-related injuries.

Physical therapists act as a preventative measure and first-responder to military physical health.

The equipment used in military physical therapy is unique to these goals. Let’s walk through the latest innovations in military physical therapy and rehabilitation equipment.

6 Essential Equipment Used in Military Physical Therapy Efforts

Pro Anti-Gravity Treadmill -- AlterG

The Pro Anti-Gravity Treadmill from AlterG is built for injury recovery and training. Using NASA Differential Air Pressure technology (DAP), the treadmill reduces body weight strain to as low as 20%, allowing injured servicemen and women to begin the rehabilitation process sooner. Learn more here.

PR Lotion -- AMP Human

PR Lotion is designed to maximize soldier training and recovery by unlocking bicarb, a natural electrolyte that improves muscle function and helps you combat fatigue during hard workouts. Learn more here.

PRS -- ARPneuro

This Performance Recovery Strength (PRS) product is a portable, modern version of the traditional e-stim/TENS. It can be used for military physical therapy by sending direct current waves through the muscle fibers--not on the surface. The powerful device contracts muscles 245 times per second--increasing blood flow and promoting overall healing efforts. This military physical therapy equipment can be used to build strength and recover quickly from injury. Learn more here.

Normatec PRO 2.0 -- Hyperice

Marketed as today’s “most advanced athlete recovery system,” the Normatec PRO 2.0 is a full body recovery system built for customized rehab and recovery programs. It has three modes: Recovery Flush, Rehab, and Custom--allowing for a multitude of physical therapy solutions. The system comes with bilateral lower extremity attachments, bilateral upper extremity attachments, and the bilateral hip attachment. Learn more here.

Hypersphere -- Hyperice

The Hypersphere by Hyperice is a vibrating massage ball perfect for military physical therapy efforts. It’s cordless, compact, and travel approved. Through high-intensity vibration and pressure, the Hypersphere helps to improve grip strength, flexibility, range of motion, and circulation. It also reduces soreness to allow for quicker recovery times. Learn more here.

Theragun Pro -- Therabody

Theragun Pro is a percussive physical therapy device used for deep muscle treatment. It works to reduce soreness, improve mobility, and increase relaxation. The device is Bluetooth enabled, and comes with guided physical therapy routines. Learn more here.

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