CQB Training Solutions by Trango Systems

CQB Training Solutions by Trango Systems

Modern warfare and close quarters combat (CQB) present unique tactical and operational challenges to the men and women of our armed forces. Urban environments are complex and crowded, offering numerous places for combatants to hide and then launch an attack.

Soldiers, Marines, Airmen, Seamen and other DOD and Federal Agency personnel must be trained in urban environments through scenarios-based training in order to exercise their specified missions set successfully. These difficult conditions require realistic training that adequately prepares these personnel to effectively maneuver through a wide range of challenging environments they could potentially face. CQB in urban environments is a critical task that requires the ability to train in flexible environments, and an ability to train in lethality, while working with restrictions in training areas.

Trango Systems understands the importance of training for this type of high stress and fast paced direct action skill set. Training with Trango’s patent protected Panelo combat systems instills confidence in the modern warfighter and prepares them to operate with speed, aggression, and violence of action for when the specific task of clearing an unknown structure is at hand.

What is Panelo?

Exclusively produced for Trango Systems by an ISO 9001-certified manufacturer, Panelo walls are lightweight and ricochet-free modular panels that can be easily assembled to simulate houses, shelters, streets, tunnels, barricades, and other urban environments for CQB.

Structures of different sizes and shapes can be assembled, as well as other types of furniture, allowing for an inclusive, versatile training system that can be adapted to any scenario. Made of recyclable material, Panelo walls withstand extreme weather conditions and absorb more than 12,000 shots before a replacement is considered necessary.

The versatility of Panelo makes it the perfect material for not only CQB as it pertains to structure, but also replicated sub-terranean environments, and as a durable, lightweight yet robust target that can withstand thousands of engagements prior to replacement.

CQB Tactical Training Kits:

The CQB Tactical Training Kits are advanced training infrastructures that enhance a user’s tactical ability in support of their specified task, allowing for flexible training at all levels.

CQB Training Kits are perfect for reinforcing the following critical tasks and fundamentals:

  • Reinforcement of responsibilities with entry team: crawl, walk, run training
  • Firing positions acquisition: prone, prone unsupported, kneeling, standing and unorthodox shooting positions
  • Training on use of concealment: bounding from concealed position to concealed position, bounding in support by fire, interlocking fields of fire, moving under fire, controlled retrograde
  • Improved situational awareness: adapt the environment to your choosing by changing it up so that no one gets to observe the same setup twice, in a complex, ever-changing and modular environment
Advanced CQB Tactical Training Kit

The Advance CQB Tactical Training Kit includes:

  • 7 Wall 100s
  • 3 Windows
  • 1 Barricade
  • 5 Friend or Foe Targets
Expert CQB Tactical Training Kit

The Expert CQB Tactical Training Kit includes:

  • 11 Wall 100s
  • 4 Windows
  • 1 Barricade
  • 1 Beam
  • 6 Friend or Foe Targets

Shoot House Training Kits




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Trango Systems specializes in force building and combat training infrastructure. Their solutions and products are designed to prepare combatants to deal with present-day challenges effectively and efficiently on the battlefield by simulating the operational setting as realistically as possible. For more information about how to configure your CQB solution, contact ADS today!