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Breaking Down Boot Insulation with Rocky Brands Boots

The United States military operates all over the globe and in every type of climate imaginable. When their missions bring them to cold weather locations, soldiers need the proper gear necessary for their success, including durable, insulated boots.

Rocky Boots offer some of the most high-quality military combat boots on the market. Utilizing 3M Thinsulate insulation material, Rocky Boots keep servicemembers warm and protected during the most frigid operations.

Rocky Boots

Brothers Mike and Bill Brooks knew that durable boots could be the difference makers between failure and a job well done. What started as a family venture in southeastern Ohio during the Great Depression has grown into a renowned footwear brand that offers dozens of projects for adventurers and military service people.

Rocky’s combat military boots are some of the best boots in the industry. Boots with 3M Thinsulate insulation, water-resistant leather protection, fiberglass shanks for durability, and polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) coating for long-lasting performance ensure that the soldier’s feet remain dry, supported, and warm no matter the environment.

What Is 3M Thinsulate Insulation?

3M Thinsulate is a lightweight, moisture-wicking, and heat-retaining material that traps body heat in while letting moisture escape from the boot. Thinsulate is famous for its durability and will stand up for years against rugged terrain and normal wear and tear.

Other boots often have an ineffective insulation material or not enough of it. Natural materials – like wool – may have been used as insulation for centuries, but their lack of weatherproof properties offer less protection and sturdiness than Thinsulate.

Thinsulate™ is a hydrophobic, synthetic fiber made primarily of post-consumer recycled material. Its lightweight nature offers unparalleled support for soldiers in the most punishing environments.

When and Where Do Soldiers Need Insulated Boots?

A soldier’s feet will take them far and wide, and their boots need to protect no matter where they go. Here are three common climates where soldiers need insulated boots:

  • Desert Areas: Although deserts are scorching during the day, they become frigid once the sun goes down. Without proper tactical gear, soldiers face injury or inferior performance.
  • Wintry Regions: Moving quickly and decisively in freezing weather is already hard; a soldier’s gear shouldn’t make their job more difficult.
  • Wetlands and Swamps: Although watery regions aren’t always cold, they make for slick and moist foot travel. Waterlogged boots slow soldiers down and can cause trench foot.

What Insulation Level Do You Need?

Rocky Boots’s Thinsulated footwear all offer superior protection, but the level of protection varies depending on the measurement of the insulation. Insulation is measured in grams, the actual weight of the material.

200G Insulated Boots

Rocky’s lowest level of insulation is 200 grams. This insulation level works well for cool weather at lower activity levels. The lightweight nature of 200G boots helps prevent overheating if the temperature rises while still offering adequate protection.

400G Insulated Boots

400 grams of insulation are also good for cooler weather with lower levels of activity. If 200G isn’t enough to keep feet warm in the snowy conditions, 400G is the logical next step.

Rocky’s S2V line of insulated boots offer comfort and durability that’s difficult to top. Thanks to their 400G insulation, S2V boots help soldiers go the extra mile through cold and wet conditions without the distraction of sore and soggy feet.

600G Insulated Boots

600 grams of insulation is ideal for more uncompromising environments where temperatures dip into the low negatives. Boots with 600G insulation can protect against more frigid temperatures (-40°F) if the soldier remains active but aren’t the best option for long periods of standing in negative temperatures.

800G Insulated Boots

800 grams of insulation is where boots begin to fall into the extreme cold category. This thicker insulation helps soldiers keep warm in freezing temperatures without having to keep moving constantly. Because of its heavier nature, 800G is the heaviest level of insulation to use if the soldier will be moving non-stop.

1000G Insulated Boots

1000 grams of insulation are for those who will regularly trek through extreme cold conditions that require submersion in heavy snow or frigid water.

1200G Insulated Boots

1200 grams of insulation are perfect for dealing with extremely cold icy water. While 1200G is probably too much for the average snow day, soldiers need this level of protection when stationed in the coldest of environments. These boots are noticeably less breathable than boots with less insulation, but their heat-retaining qualities more than make up for this.

1400G Insulated Boots

1400 grams of insulation is the highest grade Rocky Boots offers and is designed for the most severe cold weather environments. 1400G boots are designed for temperatures well below 0°F and can be used in the Arctic Region, Antarctic, and other extreme weather locations.

Give Suboptimal Footwear the Boot

There’s one brand battalions call on when they need superior footwear – Rocky Boots. Browse our full range of Rocky Boots products here or request a quote for custom needs.

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