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Babington Technology Kitchens Keep Soldiers Well-Fed

According to research conducted by the U.S. Army’s Research Institute of Environmental Medicine, an average soldier will need to consume roughly 3,250 calories a day for sustenance.

Scarfing down all that food on base is one thing, but how do troops get the sustenance they need when they leave for missions in remote areas without the proper infrastructure?

The answer is surprisingly simple: mobile kitchens.

What Are Military-Grade Mobile Kitchens?

Also called field kitchens, “flying” kitchens, or containerized kitchens, a mobile kitchen is essentially a military-style food stand equipped with the essential tools to keep soldiers fed.

These trailers and tents help provide food to soldiers when away from the base, such as when fighting on the front line or occupying a new territory off-grid.

Although the designs of mobile kitchens will vary from model to model, most come equipped with the following features:

The benefits of having a mobile kitchen to deploy are insurmountable. For one thing, they have the capacity to feed hundreds of soldiers three meals every day. They’re also quick to assemble and fully mobile, making them an incredible asset to troops on the move and away from home.

Military-Grade Mobile Kitchen Solutions from Babington Technology

At ADS, we source our mobile kitchens from Babington Technology, a top field feeding and heating systems provider. They’ve provided solutions to all military branches for over the last 20 years.

Read on to learn what you’d need to get your mobile kitchen up and running.

Mobile Kitchen Trailers and Tents

You can’t have a mobile kitchen without a mobile kitchen setup. Babington Technology offers several different models to choose from depending on the unique needs of your troops and environment, such as:

Mobile Kitchen Fuel Burners

These fuel burners are the heart of your mobile kitchen. While most trailers and tents come complete with their own, Babington Technology offers burners separately in the event that repairs are needed out on the field.

The Airtronic Burner is an award-winning fuel burner developed by Babington. Thanks to its unique air-atomization technology, this clean and fuel-efficient piece of equipment produces no smoke, odor, or carbon monoxide. It’s helped power millions of meals on the battlefield, withstanding many rugged environments in so doing.

The Powered Multi-fuel Burner (PMB) is the world’s safest and most efficient liquid fuel burner available. Equipped with its own Airtronic burner, the PMB can turn into a functional mini kitchen complete with a skillet, 15-gallon stockpot, and small modular oven accessory pack.

Mobile Kitchen Sanitation Stations

Food safety is incredibly important, especially on the battlefield. That’s why Babington Technology offers two different types of sanitation stations to suit your troops’ needs.

Powered by an Airtronic burner, the Field Sanitation Unit (FSU) allows soldiers to wash, rinse, and sanitize before any meal. It comes equipped with three 42-gallon sinks and can operate in all weather conditions at the flip of a switch.

Similar to the FSU, the Tilting Field Sanitation Unit (T-FSU) features larger sinks equipped with an innovative rotation system that requires less space and enables easier transport.

Mobile Kitchen Heaters and Heating Systems

Meals on the field stay warm with the help of Babington Technology’s innovative food heaters.

Their Tray Ration Heating System (TRHS) has been the backbone of the military for over 20 years. This equipment preserves food without minimizing its heat-on-the-move capabilities. It can store up to 24 tray packs (or a combination of packs and #10 cans) and can serve 250 soldiers per hour. It’s also powered by the upgraded Tray Ration Heater Improved (TRH-I).

Equip Your Mobile Kitchen with ADS, Inc.

ADS, Inc. is proud to provide mobile kitchens from Babington Technology.

Contact us today to learn more.

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