Last month, the Austin Police Department quickly traced and tracked down a serial bomber. Some of the equipment they used to keep the community safe included four MSPT Nanos and two Golden Engineering XR-150 X-ray generators, allowing each of the four EOD technicians to determine if suspect packages or actual IEDs or not.

ADS overnighted three devices to the Austin PD because their team deserves the best equipment for the job—immediately. We also contacted Golden Engineering, a long-time partner supplier, requesting they supply a second XR-150 to Austin PD direct from their warehouse in Indiana, which they did.

"I cannot express the value of the Nano Xray during our incidents and the overwhelming call load volume of suspicious packages,” explained Lt. C. Renfro, Austin Police Department.

The Austin PD still continues to field a record number of calls about suspicious packages, as Austin TV station KVUE highlighted in the following story.

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With new robots in tow, the Austin Police Department is still responding to a large number of suspicious package calls.

Author: Jenni Lee of KVUE

The Austin police bomb squad is still responding to an increased number of suspicious packages calls, even after last month's bombings.

For instance, the team responded to four suspicious package calls on Sunday, where before the team would get four in a 10-county region in a month's time.

Lt. Courtney Renfro with the unit said this shows that the spike is still there and that people are still scared. He called it a new normal with the city of Austin.

But with existing and new resources available, Lt. Renfro and his seven bomb technicians continue to train to make sure Austin and the surrounding nine-county area remain as safe as possible.

Resources like bomb robots that help keep officers at a safer distance when investigating suspicious packages. They're able to pick up items, climb stairs, act as surveillance and scan for explosives.

Come next week, a newer model that will travel faster and have greater lifting capabilities, is expected to arrive. A second will follow in a few months.

The robots deployed hundreds of times last month when a serial bomber terrorized our city. A time the team won't soon forget.

Team members said a new portable X-ray device called the Nano saved them time when they didn't know how much they had.

"Previously, before having these Nanos, we'd take one of these two big trucks and that was our only capabilities to conduct an X-ray. So we're getting to the scenes much quicker, the technicians are conducting threat assessments much faster than they previously could. Thus, opening up a scene from what we have closed down much quicker,” said Lt. Renfro.

Resources and technology they're using to make Austin safer.

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