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7 Types of Robots Used in the Military

One of the first military robots used in combat dates back to the 1930s. Believe it or not, the Soviet Union initially used radio signals to operate their “teletanks” in World War II.

Since then, there have been substantial technological advancements in robots in the military such as firefighting, mine clearance, and even backpackable robots. Nearly 100 years later, militaries around the world use robots on a daily basis to assist them on the battlefield.

Today, there are several types of military robots used globally with various functions and roles. Keep reading to discover each type of military robot and how it can help the military improve operations.

Why Robots That Help the Military Are Crucial to the Mission

War can be extremely testing both physically and mentally. Every day, soldiers carry out challenging tasks that are often unsafe and time-consuming. Military robots can be used to take a part of the load off military personnel and help improve operations.

While humans are limited in their ability to perform at a high level in the military, robots aren’t. Unlike humans, military robots can work 24/7. They don’t need to eat and they don’t need to sleep like men and women. And, they don’t get tired. This means better productivity and profitability.

Perhaps the main reason they’re crucial to the mission is their ability to protect human life. Since military robots are lifeless technologies, they can perform challenging and even hazardous tasks that would be otherwise risky or impossible for humans. They help reduce labor-intensive tasks and reduce the risk of threats, accidents, injury, and death for their human counterparts.

7 Types of Military Robots & Their Uses

While there are a wide variety of features, uses, and applications for military robots, the most popular military robots are unmanned vehicles. These can be broken down into three primary classes:

1. Transportation Robots

One of the most common types of military robots is transportation robots. This robotic technology can help soldiers transport different supplies like artillery, bombs, and other supplies.

They can also be used to transport humans, including picking up casualties from the battlefield.

These military robots are typically unmanned ground vehicle (UGV) robots that come equipped with wheels or legs. However, they could also be used in the air as an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV), or unmanned underwater vehicle (UUV).

2. Search and Rescue Robots

One of the most important roles of military robots is to assist in search and rescue missions. These military robots provide critical support in finding missing or captured personnel.

Search and rescue robots are advantageous since they can often go where humans can’t—whether underwater, through floods, wildfires, or over mountains.

These types of robots are especially useful in disaster relief such as supporting local search and rescue after a tsunami, earthquake, or other natural disasters. They’ve also been crucial in providing support to human-caused disasters like 9/11 and Chernobyl.

3. Mine Clearance Robots

Minefields can be incredibly lethal in war. However, what’s worse is that they’re incredibly challenging to clear after a war zone is cleared and life returns to normal. Oftentimes, uncleared mines kill locals years after a war has ended.

Mine clearance robots are unmanned ground vehicles (UGVs) that are created specifically to detect and clear land mines. They can help identify the exact location of land mines and deactivate them. They’re often controlled by a human operator who is clearing the land mines remotely from miles away.

4. Firefighting Robots

Fires are commonplace in combat. While the military trains up human firefighters, it can be incredibly dangerous and challenging to only use human skills to put out fires. A firefighting robot is a futuristic type of military robot that can assist in extinguishing fires in the military.

These military robots can be linked up to a fire hydrant to help investigate a fire site as well as put out fires to save victims' and firefighters' lives.

5. Surveillance and Reconnaissance Robots

Do you know what’s better at surveillance than a human? A robot.

Surveillance and reconnaissance robots are essential technologies that assist the military to survey and spy on the enemy or potential threats. These robots are powerful in surveillance and investigative military operations.

6. Armed Robots

This type of military robot is pretty self-explanatory. Armed with weapons to eliminate threats in combat and help in defense systems, these robots are quite commonplace in helping the military improve their operations.

7. Training Robots

A new, futuristic military robot is a training robot. For instance, Polytronic International AG develops robotic target (RT) systems for cutting-edge, live-fire training.

One of their top infantry training solutions offers an autonomous robotic target giving combat training leaders an interactive training solution that simulates live combat.

The Bottom Line

If you’re looking to improve your military operations with advanced military robotics, then ADS, Inc, is here to provide you with solution-focused robotic technology. We provide military personnel with the most advanced military robotics available.

For the most advanced robotics solutions in the defense space, check out our product catalog today.

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