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3 Exercises You Can Run With Trango's Shoot House Kit

Combat theater training (CTT) doesn’t just prepare soldiers for their current mission. It also offers them true-to-life opportunities to build new skills for a growing number of environmentally and operationally complex scenarios.

Trango Systems’ combat training infrastructure solutions are the answer. The company’s solutions include modular shoot houses, training walls, and other true-to-life shooting targets. Read on to learn how Trango’s comprehensive CTT solutions help you run exercises and drills that strengthen your entire unit.

What Are Combat Training Infrastructure Solutions?

Combat training infrastructure solutions (CTIS) include any structures, equipment, targets, and supplies used to train active-duty soldiers for conflict scenarios. Trango Systems’ training walls and realistic targets create the conditions necessary for soldiers to sharpen their skills without facing real enemy fire.

The key advantage of CTIS materials is that they’re fast and simple to set up, yet respond to real bullets and explosives similarly to real-life attacks. Leading CTIS manufacturers like Trango Systems also include full training environments like streets, houses, and vehicles.

There are several reasons to implement combat training infrastructure solutions for military exercises. One reason is that training soldiers is a critical leadership responsibility. Obtaining materials that are relevant to soldiers’ training needs must be done in advance.

A second reason is to keep your unit at the top of its game. The average soldier experiences many hours of downtime and skills may become weak during such periods. Running pertinent drills and exercises when there are no active assignments is only possible with CTIS materials.

What Is a Modular Shoot House?

A modular shoot house is a collapsible, portable, and customizable structure that simulates combat scenarios in real-world buildings. It’s used to train soldiers on their situational awareness and how to use firearms and other gear with maximum efficiency.

Trango’s meticulously designs their modular structures, like the Shoot House Expert Kit, to offer as much flexibility in recreating specific environments as possible. Building structures can vary widely depending on the region soldiers are deployed to, so it’s wise to be prepared for multiple layouts.

Shooting accuracy is another key reason to leverage a modular shoot house. Without practicing what it’s like to shoot while moving, quickly turn corners, and maintain visibility in low-light environments, soldiers are simply guessing.

A customizable training wall or similar CTT solution is the difference between fundamental shooting ability and advanced dexterity. Keep reading for specific exercises to run with Trango Systems’ modular shoot houses.

1. Improve Situational Awareness With Basic Enemy Capture Drills

Situational awareness is the ability to view one’s surroundings and interpret them correctly. Strong awareness leads to better decision-making, which can have a big impact on the outcome of a mission.

Trango System’s CTT solutions improve situational awareness in several ways. First, review building layouts pertinent to your mission and set up a shoot house in accordance with it. Soldiers can also train with just a few enemy combatant props or dozens if need be.

Second, station some of your soldiers throughout your mock city without using live weapons, of course. Then it’s time for the soldiers in training to locate and neutralize their mock enemies without getting “killed.” This is wise practice for the unpredictability of real-world scenarios, which can change in seconds.

2. Practice Multi-Angle Fire With a Modular Shoot House

Every military unit should have multiple soldiers capable of shooting from multiple angles in order to engage fast-moving targets that may have access to equal or greater firepower. Such offensive capability is particularly challenging in urban and uneven environments, where enemy observation and decision-making are compromised.

Trango’s CQB Expert Kit supports multi-angle firing drills. Survey the landscape that your unit is stationed in and replicate it with more than one Trango training wall.

Set up targets at varying distances, heights, angles, and with various obstructions. Give each of your soldiers a chance to practice firing, and offer an incentive for the soldier who has the most accurate fire by the end of the drill.

3. Move More Effectively In Enemy Territory By Using Various Training Walls

Your soldiers need to be able to move efficiently and quickly when combat rears its head. This is especially challenging in urban environments, where navigation is complicated by uneven pavement and the ever-present threat of improvised explosive devices (IEDs).

Trango’s True-to-Life Training Accessories and training walls add real-life complexity to your unit’s combat training sessions. Without knowing what it’s like to expertly navigate tight quarters while improving firing accuracy, your soldiers are at the mercy of enemies more skilled than them.

Arrange a few Trango vehicle training targets, which come in both 2D and 3D varieties so your unit experiences the challenges of operating around and over them. Your soldiers can also shoot either at or from these training walls and vehicle accessories to prepare themselves for limited visibility scenarios.

The Bottom Line

Trango Systems’ training walls and modular shoot houses create a minimal-risk environment for soldiers to practice their combat skills, learn from each other, and grow as a unit. When you think about how effective your unit will be if they have better tactical abilities, it’s easy to see why combat training infrastructure solutions are necessary.

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