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We Hire Heroes

At ADS, every day is National Hire a Veteran Day

Today is National Hire a Veteran Day - a day set aside to remind employers that veterans are highly trained and highly qualified, with ideal skills for numerous trades.

Here at Atlantic Diving Supply, those aren’t just words. They’re a way of doing business. We know veterans have walked miles in our customers’ shoes, and their insight and skills are invaluable.

Leadership. Teamwork. Performance Under Pressure. Respect for Process. Integrity. Triumph over Adversity. The list goes on.

And as the saying goes around here, one of the best ways to honor a veteran is to hire one.

Today, more than one-third of our staff is either a veteran or a veteran’s spouse, another important way ADS supports our local military families. In fact, veterans and their spouses are some of ADS’ top performing employees.

"At ADS, veterans find a place where their military experience is truly valued, and it keeps them connected to the military they loved serving. For a company like ours, the benefits of hiring veterans are obvious. We simply couldn’t do what we do without them."

- Jason Wallace, ADS CEO

They’re people like our Vice President - Customer Focus Levi J. Wilson, a retired marine sergeant major who spent nearly 30 years in the Marine Corps., and then 20 years here at ADS. Or, Ryan Angold, our Chief Executive Officer. A former SEAL, Ryan found a rewarding second career with us after a freak accident forced an early end to his brave military career.

Sr. Business Development Manager Levi J. Wilson

Vice President - Customer Focus Levi J. Wilson

Senior Vice President of Market Sales Ryan Angold

Senior Vice President of Market Sales Ryan Angold

Like the more than 100 other veterans working at ADS, their military experience equips them with great skills that they apply everyday. Know a transitioning service member looking to start a great new civilian career? Tell them ADS loves hiring veterans. On National Hire a Veteran Day. And every day.

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