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Atlantic Diving Supply Aids Hurricane Victims with Critical Supplies


Virginia Beach, Va. – From a solar-powered modular medical clinic to life preservers, first aid supplies to water purification tablets, Virginia Beach-based defense contractor Atlantic Diving Supply has responded to the nation’s recent hurricane disasters the best way it knows how: getting the right equipment to the right places at the right time.

As Atlantic Diving Supply responds to the initial calls for emergency aid and supplies in hard-hit Florida, the company continues to connect its vendors and suppliers with the needs of communities and individuals still recovering across Texas.

“Understanding the most efficient way to get critical gear into hard to reach places as rapidly as possible is really at the heart of what ADS does. When disasters like Hurricanes Harvey and Irma strike here at home, we try to apply that capability to aid in response efforts however we can. First responders are in the midst of incredibly challenging response efforts and if ADS can make their jobs even a little easier, we want to do it.”

-Jason Wallace, ADS’ CEO

Men Handling Transportation Logistics in a Warehouse

The company also teamed up with suppliers like Phokus Research, Drip-Drop, and Combat One, to send hundreds of pounds of medical and first aid supplies into the areas suffering most—everything from bandages to emergency cardiac care devices to rehydration packets and water purification tablets.

Things move quickly following natural disasters. Atlantic Diving Supply received a request from the USS Kearsarge to get urgently needed hydration systems for those aboard before they left Hampton Roads to join the relief efforts.

Atlantic Diving Supply only had a few hours to locate 200 Camelbak hydration backpacks from the time they learned of the requirement and get them out to the ship in Norfolk before it departed for the Gulf Coast.

The transportation logistics required to fulfill a request for hundreds of life preservers presented an even bigger challenge.

“We were able to locate the life preservers and schedule their pick up quickly, but the transportation company we were originally going to use cancelled the truck we were expecting because they decided driving into Houston was too risky,” said Wallace. “Our staff picked up the phone and kept calling until they found another trucking company that would take the equipment to Houston. We kept the warehouse open late, got the life preservers loaded and off the docks later that evening.”

A Man Picking Up Gear and Equipment Supplies From Ground
Men Loading Life Preservers on Trucks

The truck made it to Houston by midnight the next day.

Meanwhile, Atlantic Diving Supply employees continue to scour inventory shelves and work with their supplier network to provide anything else that may be of use in the response. Their focus is on identifying where the greatest needs are and pushing items out the door to meet those needs as quickly as possible.

“This is what we do,” said Wallace. “Our business is supplying gear and equipment to support military and first responders all over the world, under even the most difficult circumstances. We are proud that ADS provides a service that may help our fellow Americans recover from these disasters.”

Men Helping in Loading Trucks With Supplies
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