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Atlantic Diving Supply Celebrates Purple Up Day

The kids of military families support those that support us. Today we celebrate our country’s youngest heroes.

The month of April is designated as the Month of the Military Child to show support and thank military children for their strength and sacrifices. On April 15, known as Purple Up! Day, military families, communities and people worldwide wear purple, as a designated special observance day for military kids’ fortitude.

Children of military families go through a lot -- missing their parents, not having parents around for normal milestones and events, and often having to move cities or countries at an impressionable age. The least we can do is Purple Up! for them!

At Atlantic Diving Supply, Purple Up! Day is important for many reasons. We serve the military community -- not just those on active duty -- but the people who support them from home, especially the kids, who carry on with focus and resolve while a parent is deployed. In fact, many Atlantic Diving Supply employees were military kids. We know firsthand that being a military kid creates resilience, independence, love of country, innovation and more. Many become meaningful contributors to our community and to our country.

In addition, one third of Atlantic Diving Supply employees are veterans. So, they have military kids and intimately understand the challenges and what these kids forgo for sake of country.

As a small token of our appreciation, Atlantic Diving Supply is donating $10 to the Military Child Education Coalition for everyone who participated in Purple Up! Day today, April 15. We had a group zoom photo to commemorate the day and tally the donations.

Every ounce of support -- or purple -- goes a long way. Let’s Purple Up!

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