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ADS team takes on tough Teamwork Fitness Challenge to support the Navy SEAL Foundation

All that counting and cheering you heard last week out in the Atlantic Diving Supply parking lot?

That was the sound of 12 ADS employees taking on the Navy SEAL Foundation’s Teamwork Fitness Challenge.

By all accounts, it was a great workout … for an even greater cause.

“We partnered up to count repetitions and motivate each other on the run, and embodied the same team spirit that has made our company so successful,” said Regional Account Manager Cody Perkins, who took the 3-mile run in 24 minutes. “We were all so proud to support the Navy SEAL Foundation.”

Inspired by the Navy SEAL Physical Screening Test (PST), the challenge tested the ADS team to do as many pull-ups as they could, followed by 3 minutes of max push-ups, 3 minutes of max sit-ups, and a 3-mile timed run. The end reward: Helping the Navy SEAL Foundation Foundation raise awareness and support for our nation’s most elite team.

The Navy SEALs are at the heart of our company’s founding. They were among the first people ADS ever served, outfitting local SEALs with top-of-the-line wetsuits from our small Atlantic Diving Supply shop inside Virginia Beach’s Lynnhaven Dive Center.

“I think we can all appreciate the incredible strength, courage and honor it takes to be a Navy SEAL. They risk so much to defend our American way of life,” said ADS Marketing Lead Nurturer Emily Arnold, who completed the most push ups with 113. “This was a really fun way to support a very serious mission.”

“I’d do it all twice if they let me,” added Chris Niculae, an ADS Inside Account Manager, who took the sit-up category with 109.

Top Winners on the ADS team included:

Female Team: Annette Trayor and Emily Arnold

Male Team: Chris Niculae and Brady Osborne

Most Push-Ups: Emily Arnold (113)

Most Sit-Ups: Chris Niculae (109)

3-Mile Run: Cody Perkins (24 minutes)

Thanks to all the ADS team members who took part in the Teamwork Fitness Challenge and everyone who cheered them on. And special thanks to the Navy SEALS and the Navy SEAL Foundation for everything they do to protect our nation’s freedom and way of life.

To support the Navy SEAL Foundation or learn more visit

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