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Monument Honors Deeds, Not Debts


Navy Seal Monument, The Naked Warrior

The unveiling of the Navy SEAL Monument in Virginia Beach, VA on July 20 began with a North American Aviation P51 Mustang (a long-range, single-seat, fighter-bomber from World War II) flying overhead. It’s familiar engine sounds evoked a sense of pride in the crowd–a perfect segue into the pledge of allegiance and moment of silence led by monument creator, Rick Woolard.

In the opening remarks and prior to the unveiling, the statue concept owner and creator, goes into great detail on his motivation for bringing this ambitious idea into fruition. Rick, retired Navy SEAL, and his family were on vacation in North Carolina, when his son who also happens to be a Navy SEAL exclaims,

“Dad, we can’t be a part of some other monument, we have to have our own space.”

It was this moment that Rick knew he was going to embark on a journey to create a monument, in their own backyard, that honored SEALS who’d served over the last 75 years.

“I asked myself…building a monument, how hard can it be?” Once Rick realized he was going to start on this passion-project in Virginia Beach, it didn’t take long for others to get involved.

In his speech, Rick broke down the timeline for the monument and it was to no one’s surprise, how quickly it had evolved. Rick hit the ground running in October 2016, fundraising began in January 2017, on March 7, 2017 the monument was approved, construction lasted roughly 45 days and it’s unveiling took place on Thursday, July 20, 2017.

In little under a year, Rick accomplished something that is going to be a historical landmark, memorial and dedication to our nation’s brave service men and women for many years to come.


The first flag (one of three) was raised on July 13.

”It’s about teams and what they collectively accomplished over the last 50 years. It’s about deeds, not debts.”

-Creator Rick Woolard

Military Men at Unveiling of the Navy SEAL Monument
People at Unveiling of the Navy SEAL Monument
Man Giving Speech at Unveiling of the Navy SEAL Monument
Navy Seal Monument, Gold Trident
A Man at Unveiling of the Navy SEAL Monument
Men Performing at Unveiling of the Navy SEAL Monument


Virginia Beach Boardwalk

38th & Atlantic Avenue

Virginia Beach, VA 23451

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