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Introducing innovative Hampton Roads suppliers who shined bright at this year’s Warrior Expo EAST.

Each year, Atlantic Diving Supply, Inc. hosts the premier industry event Warrior Expo EAST, bringing together those looking to learn or test products & resources in the defense industry.

Present at the event annually are end users, program managers, and procurement specialists, all looking to learn, share, and purchase gear. Attendees can participate in educational courses, view demonstrations, and network with subject-matter experts, including those in the government & defense industries.

With another year’s event successfully on the books, we are proud to highlight three of the local suppliers. Get to know Special Forces Operations, London Bridge Trading Company, and JBC Corp.

Special Projects Operations (SPO), Graphic

Meet: Special Projects Operations

Get to know Hampton Roads supplier Special Projects Operations (SPO), a global leader in design, innovation, and manufacturing of modular combination unit respirator systems, breathing air compressors, and thermal breaching systems. Their products are highly sought after by special ops forces around the world.

Based in Virginia Beach, Special Projects Operations, Inc. (SPO) is a global leader in design innovation and manufacturing of modular combination unit respirator systems, breathing air compressor and storage systems, and thermal breaching systems. Their products are the first choice with Special Operations Forces around the globe.

Atlantic Diving Supply was proud to host this industry-leading local company at our yearly expo.

London Bridge Trading Co. at Warrior Expo EAST

Meet: London Bridge Trading Co.

Headquartered in Virginia Beach, London Bridge Trading Co. is a diverse family of brands whose tactical nylon products are coveted by the U.S. military; Federal, State and Local Law Enforcement agencies; Foreign Governments and an array of foreign and domestic defense contractors.

“It’s just really valuable to have the time to sit with someone,” said Alex Millner, Marketing Director at LBT. “It’s a little more of a relaxed environment to discuss the gear, and you can cover a lot more.”

Milner said London Bridge has been a part of Warrior Expo for several years, adding that what makes the event even more beneficial is the unique ability to meet up with company partners and collaborate.

“There’s a lot of cross pollination with all of the companies we work with,” he said. “When we can all get together at events like this, it makes it easy.”

Thanks to local powerhouse London Bridge Trading for joining Atlantic Diving Supply at this year’s expo.

JBC Corp at Warrior Expo EAST

Meet: JBC Corp.

Established in 2006, JBC Corp builds custom medical kits and assemblies that are both innovative and user friendly. Their products range from IFAKs to complete AMALs, for use anywhere from clinics to battlefields to ships and remote locations around the world.

The company also offers a variety of convenience kits for canine training, SAR, MISHAP, space decontamination and Tactical Site Exploitation. JBC Corp is dedicated to delivering what customers need, where they need them. Their products are built to last, here in the USA.

See you next year!

We look forward to hosting these local leaders again next year. Check back to get to know more local suppliers who participated in Warrior Expo EAST 2021.

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