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Labor, with Love

At Warrior, nonprofit Law Enforcement United gave its all for those who gave everything.

It’s safe to say that most exhibitors at Warrior East weren’t using their vacation time to run their booths.

All fun aside, it was likely their job to be there.

And then there were guys like Wallace Chadwick and Sam Frye.

Both active-duty law enforcement officers, Wallace and Frye have dedicated much of their vacation time over the past decade – including at this year’s Warrior East – to run Law Enforcement United, an all-volunteer non profit organization that raises money and awareness for the families of fallen law enforcement officers.

“None of us get paid a stipend or a salary,” says Wallace, a detective and 22-year veteran with the Chesapeake (Va.) Police Department. “That is our commitment. We want 100% of the funds we raise to go to the cause.”

Wallace Chadwick, Law Enforcement United

Sam Frye, Law Enforcement United

“If we can bring comfort to one family …” Frye says, his voice trailing off without needing to say anything more.

The organization's signature fundraising event, which anyone who lives in Hampton Roads may recognize, is the annual Road to Hope Memorial Bike Ride, with police officers from across the country bicycling 250 miles from Chesapeake to Washington D.C. in a show of support for those who paid the ultimate sacrifice.

To date, Law Enforcement United has raised $6.8 million dollars for a number of different organizations, Wallace said, including:

Officer Down Memorial Page
– Fully funded by Law Enforcement United, is a website that records the names of 22,000 fallen officers dating back to the year 1700.

Concerns of Police Survivors (C.O.P.S)
– A non-profit committed to supporting the spouses, children, parents, siblings, significant others and co-workers of fallen officers

Spirit of Blue Foundation
– Raises corporate donations to grant equipment that police departments can’t afford, everything from rifles to canines to tourniquets.

C.O.P.S. Kids Camp
– A Concerns of Police Survivors camp specially designed to support the children, teens and young adults of fallen officers.

“All these kids come to C.O.P.S. Kids Camp and they realize, ‘Hey, I’m not the only one who lost my parent, my mom, my dad,’” Wallace said. “It’s a life-changing thing for these kids.”

As proud as Wallace and Frye are of the organizations they support, they're equally proud of their financial transparency as a non-profit.

Consider that both GuideStar and Charity Network give a rating of “Excellent” to any non-profit that directs at least 55% of their fundraising to an actual cause, with the remainder covering administrative and operating costs.

Since its inception, Law Enforcement United has averaged between 88% and 93% of its fundraising going directly to its recipients. And that’s how Wallace and Frye came to spend their most recent vacation at Warrior East.

“We have a platinum rating with both GuideStar and Charity Network because of our transparency on the money we raise and the money we donate out,” Wallace said, “and we’re very proud of that.”

It goes without saying that everyone at ADS was very proud to welcome Law Enforcement United to Warrior.

To donate or learn more about Law Enforcement United visit their website at

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