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Atlantic Diving Supply Veteran Highlight: Sean Johnston

Discovering Leadership in a Larger Purpose

For Sean Johnston, ADS’ National Account Manager for State, Local and Education accounts, being a part of a larger purpose has always been important to him. Joining the United States Marine Corps was a natural choice for him and he counts the opportunity to service his country as one of the greatest honors and accomplishments of his life. Sean served in the Marine Corps Reserves for eight years, from 2006 until he was honorably discharged as an E-5 Sergeant in 2013.

Sean held multiple billets throughout his military career, with his last billet being 3rd Squad Team Leader for the MWSS 472 MP Squadron. He also served in Iraq during Operation Iraqi Freedom in 2009 providing convoy security for high value cargo and was also involved in Quick Response Force missions. A career highlight for Sean was that he spent 3 weeks in Ayacucho, Peru where he provided security for joint task force humanitarian efforts to build local schools and hospitals in cooperation with the U.S. Air Force and U.S. Navy.

Sean’s time in the Marines taught him the value of hard work in achieving what he wanted, and to keep his eyes on the mission no matter how difficult the obstacles or challenges he faced. The lessons he learned in the Marines about integrity and how to be honest and truthful in everything he did shaped Sean into an exceptional leader who is completely committed to taking care of his people, always keeping their best interests in mind.

Sean Johnston

"Having the opportunity to serve my country was one of the greatest honors I could think of and would be one of the greatest accomplishments of my life. The Marines helped me understand what it means to be a true leader."

- Sean Johnston

In his current role at ADS leading the State, Local and Education account team, even though Sean doesn’t work in direct support of military sales, many of the solutions and equipment needs for his state and local customers are the same or very similar to those needed by DoD customers. Sean is also able to better relate to his customers, many of whom are veterans themselves. He also understands firsthand how important the equipment ADS sells is to our customers and how impactful it can be for the end user and their mission. Because of the support ADS provides to our military, and the many opportunities to volunteer with military related non-profit organizations, Sean feels he can stay connected every day and continue to give back to our military communities.

Sean, thank you for your service to our country. We are honored to employ outstanding veteran leaders like you.

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