Atlantic Diving Supply Veteran Highlight: Brad Smith

A Family Tradition of Military Service Shapes an Amazing Leader

For Brad Smith, Europe sales manager at ADS, Inc., military service is a family tradition he was honored to carry on. A second-generation Army paratrooper and Green Beret, Brad enlisted in the US Army at 18 and served almost 24 years in the United States, Europe, and Central and South America, retiring as a Warrant Officer. Two of his brothers have also served in the military: one in an EOD unit with the Army and another as an Army medic that served multiple tours in Iraq and Afghanistan. Brad served in multiple capacities in the Army.

Most notably, he was with the 187th Pathfinder Detachment, the 509th Airborne Battalion Combat Team in Europe for two years as an infantry rifleman and then returned stateside as a Ranger instructor for 4 years before completing the Army Special Forces Q-Course course and joining the 7th Special Forces Group (Airborne). There, he served first on an Operational Detachment-Alpha as a Special Operations Weapons sergeant, Assistant Operations and Intelligence Sergeant, and after completing the Warrant Officer Candidate School he served as an Assistant Detachment Commander and Detachment Commander and then as the Executive Officer at Ft. Bragg’s Range 37 supporting advanced urban combat missions and their sniper school, where he remained until his retirement.

"More than anything, it drives a deep love and appreciation for country."

- Brad Smith

Brad Smith - Just Cause
Operation JUST CAUSE. ODA 793, SOT detachment, C/3/7th SFG. Standing (L-R): SFC Gary V. Jones, CPT Robert G. Louis, SSG Hector L. Ramos, SSG John M. Heisse. Kneeling: SGT Mark A. Ross, SSG Deams B. Smith, SSG Jeffery A. Lett. Credit: US Army

ADS, Inc. is privileged to have Brad leading our Europe Sales Team. Reflecting on his active duty service, Brad shared that his time in the military has not only instilled a great love of country, but has also given him a real appreciation for people. He stated that having served with amazing people and really great leaders has helped him become the successful leader he himself is today. His progressive leadership roles within the military prepared him to be an effective leader in the private sector, understanding and managing teams of people and knowing how to boost morale and motivate his teams toward a common goal.

When he joined ADS, Brad brought a strong understanding of the Army, its processes and procedures, essential equipment and products, and has augmented his professional resume with strong sales training and experience at ADS. Brad’s in-depth understanding of the customer’s world has allowed him to offer a unique perspective to both ADS’s customers, and also to the sales team members he manages and mentors. Having managed contracts from within the military as an XO and now as a provider, his experience is valuable to both customers and the ADS team.

Brad continues to support veterans and the military, giving back to those that have given so much for our country and its citizens. He is active in multiple veterans associations: one that helps support veterans network and find employment, and is also an active member and participant in the Green Beret Foundation, a 501(c) organization that helps disabled vets process paperwork for review for their disabled status, and provides tuition and housing assistance for vets and families.

At the Tactical Operations Center during Operation JUST CAUSE, Panama. Brad Smith, right.

At ADS, we are proud to employ exceptional veterans like Brad – leaders who bring the very best to our company and our valued customers. Thank you for your service, Brad.

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