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CEO Jason Wallace Shares Atlantic Diving Supply Story With Local Businesses

ADS first created Warrior Expo 11 years ago to better serve those in uniform by helping address procurement challenges. That purpose remains at the heart of Warrior Expo today. We continue to answer the call to serve the best customers in the world—both on the West and East coasts.

Providing our service men and women the opportunity to test thousands of products in one location takes the guesswork out of common issues like budgetary constraints, long lead times, quality issues, and technology changes.

Last month, ADS’ CEO Jason Wallace spoke about our company’s mission and how we have been committed to serving our customer’s needs since day one.

How did ADS grow from a local dive shop into a Top 50 defense contractor?

That was the question dozens of regional business executives asked ADS CEO Jason Wallace during a Hampton Roads Chamber Leadership Series earlier this month.

ADS CEO Jason Wallace

“We solve real needs for those in uniform,” Wallace explained. “That’s the impact we’re trying to make every day for the men and women serving our country.”

Wallace tied the company’s rise to its commitment to its customers and employees, and the company’s singular purpose of outfitting our military and first responders with the most advanced gear and equipment available today.

“Our purpose drives everything we do,” he told the group. “We work as hard as we can every day to get our military the best equipment money can buy.”

ADS employees understand and believe in that purpose, and are uniquely empowered to do what it takes to solve customer equipment challenges, whether they’re scouring the marketplace to find the right product or linking manufacturers together to create a solution.

“We deliver products that don’t exist,” he said.

The company also works hard to give employees the best opportunity for personal and professional growth, he said, from paying for their employees’ medical insurance premiums to the company’s popular Mission Give Back initiative.

“When you empower your employees,” he added later, “you have an entire business fighting to serve your customer.”

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